Frantz jean
Frantz jean     16/09/2013 17:42
Glocker     16/09/2013 07:49
That is 'Kerry' Kennedy, not Caroline.
Frantz jean     05/09/2013 16:00
Michel-René Landry  03/01/2013 20:02
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Frantz jean     05/09/2013 15:54
Thank you Michel-Rene Laundy! I may have finally found my vocation. Every time I watch this tears pour forth in wanting the glorify God in this holy order.
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Frantz jean     04/05/2012 22:10
We definitely have to do that to, but what shouldn't be angry. We should correct him out of charity and love, not out of hate.
Frantz jean     04/05/2012 21:22
Don't grow in hate or become indignant toward Dan Savage. Its better that we pray for him, and pray that this anti-catholic slander does not arouse more anger in the catholic community. We need to keep ourselves recollected inside the heart of Christ because like he said "But now I tell you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you... Why should God reward you if you love only the people who love you?" (Matthew 5:44,46)
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