ACLumsden         12/08/2015 07:24
@Dr Stuart Reiss Quite. However, it is the SSPX, who have led many a soul into heresy, and therefore perdition, that will have a special place in the Darkness. The SSPX require much prayer for enlightenment.
    michael newman likes this.         30/08/2015 17:50
    Gregory likes this.         28/08/2015 22:27
ACLumsden         12/08/2015 07:21
Dr Stuart Reiss         12/08/2015 04:37
@Beppo I'm slightly tired of your VII bashing, and insinuation that the Pope and other Bishops in the church are heretics. VII is a counsel of the church, it's happened, and the fathers of the Church at that time were guided by the Holy Spirit during its deliberations. The Church continues, to be the same church that Our Lord founded, and has given authority to bind and loosen things that remain bound or loose in heaven. No one else has that authority in this world. And Our Lord guaranteed … [More]
ACLumsden         10/08/2015 17:11
"A slave asks, 'is it legal?'; a freeman asks, 'is it right'". This man speaking here is a slave to error, and has no time for God; his god is the law of his own mind. This video ought never to have been allowed on this site. Why? Because it is full blown heresy.
    Gregory likes this.         28/08/2015 22:26
    Dr Stuart Reiss likes this.         11/08/2015 15:27
ACLumsden         10/08/2015 17:05
Dr Stuart Reiss         08/08/2015 10:20
@Beppo but this chap in the video was talking heresy when he denies the novus ordo mass. I too like most catholics, cannot abide the abuses that the novus ordo mass is subject to. But to ask people not to take part in it or be passive or that it's better not to go to the NO mass is completely wrong. To deny the mass is heretical. I think the SSPX are misguided and proud. archbishop Lefebvre was a father of vii also, don't forget.
ACLumsden         10/08/2015 17:04
michael newman         07/08/2015 18:13
this is heresy..theres only one church, and sspx are not in it.
ACLumsden         29/07/2015 08:58
Dr Stuart Reiss         29/07/2015 08:52
@Donna Prima Donna do you suffer from PMT or PCOS? I do know a good vetenarian that could help.
ACLumsden         29/07/2015 08:57
adeste fideles         28/07/2015 20:06
Is Lesbianism A Sickness? = Of course, not ! A podiatrist is not qualified to say such a thing !
ACLumsden         29/07/2015 08:57
Vox Populi         28/07/2015 20:20
I find the podiatrist interpretation to be somewhat offensive for the women with polycystic ovary
ACLumsden         29/07/2015 08:57
Dr Stuart Reiss         29/07/2015 04:04
This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. As Adeste Fideles points out correctly a podiatrist is nowhere near a woman's ovaries. So, where is the scientific evidence? Can you please site some? I also agree with Vox Populi that this would be hurtful for many women with poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). The litany of effects of PCOS by this 'expert' is from correct.
I think Gloria TV news should stick to its own competency and report news, not manufacture it. It makes me wonder … [More]
ACLumsden         24/04/2015 07:41
Gloria.TV News     23/04/2015 20:27
Hated For Being Catholic: The true reason why Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-Saint Joseph was sacked on April 21 is obvious: He was a Catholic. Since assuming his diocese in 2005 he has been the subject of vitriol for running the diocese in … [More]
11,995 clicks     10 Postings
ACLumsden         31/03/2015 05:26
Good to see that some Cardinals are not into the idea of "the tail wagging the dog". That silly and infantile North American nonsense has got to stop, that sense of congregational and individual entitlement, i.e. we have THE RIGHT to do as we please, and the 'majority always rules', so the Church MUST change Her doctrine to suit US. Good on Cardinal Rosales!
ACLumsden         31/03/2015 05:22
rhemes1582         30/03/2015 21:32
Thanks Gloria.Tv The More Catholic the Better for the news.
ACLumsden         23/03/2015 09:20
A most useful video, to be sure! Thanks. However, the Chant Methodology here is so diametrically opposed to the official Solesmes template that one questions the efficacy of this talk. Maybe the speaker should have allowed the schola to sing rather than join them (while singing into the mic). This singing aside, I think the talk would be useful to many a choir master in the Parish.
ACLumsden         23/03/2015 08:48
Always Faithful     22/03/2015 17:50
St. Joseph- Freeport Illinois-
Presented By Four Priest from St. John Cantius is a unique church in the Archdiocese of Chicago—helping many discover a profound sense of the Sacred through solemn liturgies and devotions, treasures of sacred art, and … [More]
964 clicks     1 Postings
ACLumsden         13/03/2015 08:02
Gloria.TV News     12/03/2015 19:36
No Confession No Mercy: Addressing the participants of a course organized by the Apostolic Penitentiary, Pope Francis said that confession shows God’s mercy in a particular way. Quote: “Only, what is kept away from divine mercy can not be forgiven, … [More]
7,940 clicks     12 Postings
ACLumsden         09/03/2015 09:24
Hummm.... I do not see how Pope Francis "attacks Latin Mass". How does getting closer to the People of God, in the Sacred Liturgy, "attack" anything? The Christian Mind boggles......
    aron likes this.         10/03/2015 07:30
ACLumsden         04/02/2015 08:18
Gloria.TV News     03/02/2015 19:56
Christ Himself: In an interview with the Wanderer Cardinal Raymond Burke has stated that the changes made in the final report of last year’s Synod of Bishops were an improvement, but – quote – “I do not think they were sufficient.” The Cardinal … [More]
6,974 clicks     4 Postings
ACLumsden         03/02/2015 08:33
Hummm, does anyone know of any other arguments FOR and AGAINST the closure of the Seminary of the FI? This report is a tad one-sided......
    Dr Stuart Reiss likes this.         03/02/2015 18:31
ACLumsden         26/01/2015 09:55
Gloria.TV News     25/01/2015 18:00
Unity Among Catholics: At yesterday’s Angelus, Pope Francis recalled the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Quote: “It is a bad thing that Christians are divided, Jesus wants us united, one body.” believes that it is premature to bewail … [More]
5,824 clicks     2 Postings
ACLumsden         20/01/2015 06:01
Thanks! Dreadful about the Zimbabwe priests though..... one prays for the peace of their soul.
ACLumsden         15/01/2015 07:16
Thanks for the news; good job.
ACLumsden         14/01/2015 06:05
Thanks for the news! Good job
ACLumsden         14/01/2015 06:04
Gloria.TV News     14/01/2015 04:16
Bishops Cancelled: During his visit in Sri Lanka Pope Francis cancelled the dinner and private meeting with his brother bishops because of the 30 kilometer drive in the Popemobile from the airport to the Apostolic Nunciature took one hour more. … [More]
7,068 clicks     15 Postings
ACLumsden         12/12/2014 07:54
dominikguzman         12/12/2014 07:04
Now it is correct
ACLumsden         04/12/2014 06:45
@codefinited - Thanks for the study and some support for the rather bold claim by Gloria.TV here. One is really never quite clear as to the sources of these claims - at times.
ACLumsden         04/12/2014 06:43
codephined         03/12/2014 13:14
@ACLumsden Not only this, but the National Institutes of Health did a study showing that homosexuals were roughly three times more likely to perpetrate sexual abuse on minors than heterosexuals. It also must be taken into account that the homosexual population is less than 2% of the total population. Per capita, homosexuals find themselves the greatest of abusers.
That study can be seen here:
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