New Community - "The Cassock Acts Like a Magnet"

Father Lawrence Carney announced in an email (January 23) that after four years of prayer, he has been approved on December 8 to accept men into the Canons Regular of St Martin of Tours. The new community is based in Saint Joseph, Missouri, in the diocese von Kansas City-St Joseph.

The priest who wears a black cassock and Saturno clergy hat, is engaged in street evangelisation. OurSundayVisitor quotes him, “There’s something mysterious about the cassock; it acts like a magnet, drawing people to you”.

Carney lives in the rectory of St Patricks’ parish in Saint Joseph and serves as chaplain to the Old Rite Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles.

Picture: martinians.org, #newsEwfivbrpsw
God bless this good Father. Indeed the cassock acts like a magnet. The priest is faithful in wearing it and God is faithful in giving His graces because of that.