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The walled city of Ávila was home to St Teresa, St John of the Cross, Torquemada and we walked in their footsteps. This set contains photos from my first trip in 2006, and again in 2009.
  • 2,698x4,180
    Alabaster of the Epiphany
    "The star shines out with a steadfast ray; The kings to Bethlehem make their way, And there in …
  • 2,462x3,946
    St Anthony the Hermit
    St Anthony, whose feast is on 17 January, is the originator of the monastic life. He was born in …
  • 2,681x4,131
    Shrine of San Vicente
    The interior of San Vicente, with an aisled nave, is dominated by the saints' magnificent shrine …
  • 2,883x4,393
    St Thomas Aquinas is clothed in the Dominican habit
    As a student at University In Naples, St Thomas became acquainted with the Dominicans whose priory …
  • 2,431x3,866
    The Angelic Doctor
    St Thomas' family were not happy that he had chosen to join the fledgling Order of Preachers in …
  • 2,532x3,959
    Our Lady and Child Jesus (Avila)
    "Lady, flow'r of ev'rything, Rosa sine spina, Gave us Jesus, heaven's King, Grátia divina; Of ev'…
  • 4,151x2,662
    Ávila Cathedral sacristy ceiling
    View of the octagonal sacristy ceiling, from the 13th century, in Ávila Cathedral, which is conside…
  • 4,272x2,848
    Apse of Avila Cathedral
    Construction on Ávila Cathedral began in c.1091 shortly after the Reconquest, and It was planned …
  • 2,848x4,272
    Chalice of St John of the Cross
    A chalice used by St John of the Cross, and by Pope John Paul II, thus making it a relic used by …
  • 3,806x2,773
    La Cruz de San Juan
    This little drawing of Christ on the Cross was made by St John of the Cross, whose feast is today, …
  • 2,329x3,936
    St John of the Cross
    "In the evening of life, we will be judged on love alone." Today, 14 December, is the feast of the …
  • 2,633x3,706
    San Juan de la Cruz
    Statue of St John of the Cross, who feast is on 14 December. Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,683x4,070
    Chapel of the Transverberation
    A transverberation is a spiritual wounding of the heart due to the saint's deep love for God. The …
  • 3,879x2,510
    St Teresa of Avila's cell
    This is the cell St Teresa had as prioress of La Encarnacion, the Carmelite convent she joined in …