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Pro-Life of unborn babies

Against the killing of unborn babies.
  • 05:09
    Diskuse s vegetariánem
    U hlavního nádraží při Pochodu pro život v Brně 1.6. 2010
  • 10:01
    Preach it, Lia, preach it!
    Lia's Pro-Life Speech on Parliament Hill in Ottawa
  • 01:28
    Abortion Scandal at Catholic college
    Planned Parenthood and the National Organization for Women (NOW) are currently listed on the web …
  • 40:54
    Contraception and the Link to Abortion
    Father Thomas Euteneuer, President of Human Life International.
  • 07:53
    Further Updates on the Bishops' Scandal
    Further Updates on Scandal within the USCCB.
  • 07:05
    Bishops and abortion
    Terrible news concerning the USCCB
  • 06:06
    une petite fille de 12 ans parle de l'avortement
    Elle s'appelle Lia. Elle a 12 ans. Elle habite à Toronto. Pour le concours de discours de sa classe…
  • 05:57
    Marche pour la Vie 2010
    Marche pour la Vie 2010
  • 07:21
    March for Life 2010 Washington DC US Capitol to US Supreme Court
    March for Life 2010 Washington DC US Capitol to US Supreme Court Friday, January 22, 2010, NOON …
  • 05:13
    Against an abortion in Brno 2010-01-09 Czech republic
    The regular marching against an abortion every month. Prolife. The 9th of January 2010. We started …
  • 02:34
    Omezování svobody náboženského projevu Brno 12. 12.2009
    Zabránění dalšímu pokusů o zničení megafonu, další omezování naší svobody náboženského projevů při …
  • 00:41
    Against an Abortion a) 2009-10-10
    Czech republic, Brno. Part 1.
  • 00:17
    Against an Abortion b) 2009-10-10
    Europe Union, Czech republic, Brno. Part 2.
  • 11:20
    Intercourse with different men/women?
    Every sexual contact with a different man/woman changes the body of oneself. Interview with Vicky …
  • 00:29
    Abortions in Vaccines
    Still Need More Proof That Aborted Fetal Cell Lines Are Used in These Vaccines? Let Merck tell you …
  • 01:20:21
    Přednáška - Mons. Philip Reilly
    "Modlitbou k uzdravení společnosti: Co Církev Může nabídnout Současné společnosti bolestně zraněné …
  • 800x600
    Step Down Now Obama
    President Obama likes killing of children. He likes abortion. (He was born probably at Kenya) HELP …
  • 02:52
    Gloria.TV Journalists Attacked by Pro Death Demonstrators
    Gloria.TV Journalists Attacked by Pro Death Demonstrators Last Friday night, journalists of Gloria-…
  • 05:01
    Politicians Must "Quit Your Job and Save Your Soul"
    Bill O'Reilly Interviews Rhode Island Bishop Thomas J. Tobin, who told Patrick Kennedy, son of the …
  • 01:31
    Bishop Thomas Tobin on abortion
    Chris Matthews questions Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin on abortion,health care & more
  • 08:12
    Paul Hill's Last Interview Part 1
    Paul Hill, the day before he was executed by the state of Florida for killing the babykilling …
  • 07:53
    Ex-Planned Partenthood Director Abby Johnson
    Huckabee Interviews Ex-Planned Partenthood Director Abby Johnson
  • 00:54
    Miscarriage from Vaccine
    H1N1 Package Insert Says Vaccine Is Unsafe for Pregnant women or children under 18 years of age. …
  • 23 page(s)
    Miscarriage from Vaccine
    H1N1 Package Insert Says Vaccine Is Unsafe for Pregnant women or children under 18 years of age. …
  • 02:11
    Abortion-director steps down
    Planned Parenthood Leader Resigns After Watching Ultrasound of Abortion Procedure
  • 02:26
    Planned Parenthood Admits Current Infanticide, Obama Defends
    SFLA exposes Planned Parenthood admitting to continued infanticide, as defended by Barack Obama, …
  • 2,441x3,411
    Hell Abortion Clinic
    Hell abortion clinic. NEW YORK, NY, October 16, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.…
  • 01:12
    B.O. wins the Nobel Peace Prize
    My random thoughts from fragments of my diary.
  • 01:56
    Abortion and Slavery
    A comparison of the Thinking about slavery and Abortion. What's the difference. For more informatio…
  • 07:32
    Childless by Choice Christendom
    Childless by choice or small number of children in married couples of christendom is awful in …
  • 488x389
    How prophetic of Archbishop!
    How prophetic were the words of Archbishop Lefebvre, who in his sermon on 23 Sept. 1979, in Paris …
  • 29:59
    Face of Pro-Life #33: Fr Tony DiMarco: Helpers of God's Precious Infants
    Ave Maria! In this episode of Face of Pro-Life, Fr Tony DiMarco, a Roman Catholic priest, speaks …
  • 12:08
    Helpers of God's Precious Infants - most success by prayer
    Going to Calvary : Msgr. Reilly describes the Helpers method of 'taking …
  • 02:50
    Father Reilly on sexual abuses committed against pro-lifers
    "I can understand a woman going for an abortion, because she is in a difficult situation. I can …
  • 515x292
    Obama, Clinton Devil's Servants
    Dear Colleague, The Obama administration that claims to want to reduce the need for abortion and …
  • 07:31
    The babies killer. Zabil miminka. Nicht töten
    We should grieve that abortionist Tiller did not have an opportunity to prepare his soul to face …
  • 06:55
    St Gianna Beretta Molla - Pro Life - Pro Love pt1
    St. Gianna Beretta Molla made a heroic choice, but it was something her family members and friends …
  • 01:10
    10 Children in a Family
    It is God's will for everybody to have many children, if he is not a nun or monk. How prophetic …
  • 00:12
    Embrion de 13 semanas
    Apenas unos días después de que el Gobierno aprobara su proyecto de Ley, la plataforma Ginecólogos …
  • 12:50
  • 05:01
    Catholic bishops push abortions
    Scandal of the american bishops. From
  • 09:28
    There Will Be A Greater Woe For Those Christians Who Voted For Abortion
    This Sermon was given the weekend our parish was suppose to have its FOCA card signing. It contends…
  • 10:44
    PRAGUE - Prolife POCHOD PRO ŽIVOT 2009
    PRAHA - POCHOD PRO ŽIVOT 2009 Jako obvikle na pochod přišlo více jak tisíc …
  • 26:03
    Czech Orthodox Priest Against Abortion - Pulec, kralik a Duch svaty
    Czech Orthodox Priest Libor Halik Against Abortion. Cenu diváků MFDF Jihlava 2007, kterou zaštiťuje…
  • 00:40
    Billboard on a car against abortion
    The marching against abortion Brno, Czech republic
  • 04:00
    Svědectví o policejní šikaně u porodnice - potratnice u sv. Aplináře v Praze, kterou jsme dnes 12.…
  • 00:43
    Orthodox archbishop Simeon likes kids
    Every day 5 years the orthodox priest Libor Halik in front of hospital against abortions at Czech …
  • 01:19
    Mila Pletanek and priest against abortion, Prague
    My catholic friend Mila Pletanek is 4 years in front of hospital against abortions at Czech republi…
  • 00:26
    Archbishop Simeon against abortion on the street
    Every day 5 years the orthodox priest Libor Halik in front of hospital against abortions at Czech …
  • 01:00
    Liturgy with children against abortion
    Every day 5 years the orthodox priest Libor Halik in front of hospital against abortions at Czech …
  • 01:32
    Overpopulation: The Making of a Myth
    The pilot episode of PRI's POP 101 series, this video takes a fresh, humorous approach to the …
  • 01:59
    Only 1 child in a family. Nur 1 Kind in einer Familie. Jen 1 dite rodine
    Police in south-western China discovered 28 baby girls hidden in nylon suitcases on a long-distance…
  • 01:27
    Schönborn Against Pro-Life Rally
    Pro-Lifers organized a big rally against the decoration of an abortion-mill by the Vienna mayor. …

Libor Halik
Przeciw aborcji. Brno Czeska Republika 2010-06-01. Cz. 3

Libor Halik
We speak against an abortion publicly.
Мы говорим против абортам громким голосом.

Libor Halik
In front of railway station in Brno. Czech republic.
Перед вокзалом в Брно. Чешская республика.