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Good work!

I believe that Caritas will soon lose a lot of money if it starts fiddling around with condoms.

May PiusXII be made a Saint very soon.
The Steinbergs, Foxmans, et al of the world are of no consequence.

Since the Catholic bishops in Germany have long since caved in on the issue of condoms it would surprise me greatly if Caritas Germany had not already been ignoring the Catholic teaching against contraception.

Caritas Wants To Put Pope’s Condom-Statement Into Practice
And so it begins...
The Problem Is Steinberg – not Pius XII
USA Steinberg objected to the Pope’s remark, but did not address its accuracy. For years, individuals like Steinberg have been criticizing Church matters using the threat that certain policies (for which Jews did not totally approve) would damage “Vatican-Jewish relations”. To … [More]

Here we go again, misquoting the Pope....Anyway, thanks for remembering Mexican Blessed Padre Miguel Pro--!VIVA CRISTO REY! [More]