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This advertisement is a laughable example of the small-mindness that people possessed back then. Or so I thought....
after reading the comments and the tagline, I'm thoroughly disgusted with you all. Homosexuality is NOT a "problem"!! If someone is gay, there is NOTHING wrong with them!! SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU!! This sick, twisted mindset you possess has nothing to do with religion! I am a strong catholic, so DO NOT USE OUR LOVING FATHER AS AN EXCUSE TO SPROUT YOUR SICK IDEALS!! This is … [More]

We can defeat this problem [sodomy] not with videos like this but with prayer and rationality.
I don't see this video as an attempt to "defeat the problem." The video was made in an effort to inform and warn potential victims of one of the tactics used by homosexual child predators.
'love the sinner and hate the sin'.
That is a line used often by homosexual apologists along with "judge not." To love the sinner (promote their eternal beatitude--Aquinas) with respect to homosexuals is to check … [More]

We should also remember that as catholics we should 'love the sinner and hate the sin'. The homosexuality problem is most certainly a problem today and is a perversion of the meaning of sex. We can defeat this problem not with videos like this but with prayer and rationality.God Bless +

It certainly is and was. The evil societal agenda we live under today promotes satan's upside-down morality of making the sinners saints and the people of God the enemy.

Back then as it Always was and Will always be, UNNATURAL, AN ABOMINATION, AND A PERVERSION.
Today, the Evil agenda is to proselytize it as "normal" as "being born that way". NO CAN DO!