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@ACL & Gregory:Thank you! Yes, it helps to have people like you to clear things up, since we do want to keep the Faith pure. P.S.Have you read, "The Face of God"? I have the German version, and hope to get the English one, soon.

@Irapuato - The grace of which Dr Rozycri speaks being "equaled only by the grace of Holy Baptism" is not an article of Faith, nor is it a formal doctrine of the Roman Church. Here is why:
The formal doctrine of the Roman Church regarding baptism is that there can only be 'one baptism event'. This grace which washes away original sin and configures the soul unto Christ and admits her into the fold of His Holy Family, is given once.
On the other hand, of course, one can have ones baptismal promi… [More]

Preparations For The Feast Of Mercy
By Michael K. Jones
Canon Ignacy Rozycri, Doctor of Dogmatic Theology appointed by Pope John Paul II to examine the revelations to Blessed Faustina, came to the conclusion that the extraordinary grace promised by Jesus on the Feast of Mercy is a gift of grace equaled only by the grace of Holy Baptism. This means that on this day your soul can be renewed as on the day of baptism, so that if you died immediately after receiving this grace you would go straight … [More]

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pope John Paul II, Il Volto Santo, Paul Badde--what does it all mean???.........

Paul Badde and his book, "The Face of God", interview. Slowly, he is becoming known in the U.S., too.

Millions around the world are familiar with the famous “Shroud of Turin,” the relic many believe to be the burial cloth of Christ. Fewer, though, may know about a cloth called “the Holy Face of Manoppello” – sometimes called the “Veil of Veronica,” another relic that some say has an imprint of the face of Christ. Well, a new book, The Face of God, hopes to bring the story behind that cloth to a wider audience. Our Francesca Maximé spoke with the author, Paul Badde.