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"Yes, Our Lady of Guadalupe seemed to move in with us, and we are most grateful. I didn’t choose Our Lady of Guadalupe specifically as our patroness, but it seems that she chose us. We are grateful for her presence, especially in our parish in Tulsa, which has a large Hispanic population.
I delight in telling people that Our Lady of Guadalupe is Jewish. There is only one Mother of the Messiah, who appears all over the world “in different outfits.” She is indeed a mother … [More]

Rosalind Moss' Unexpected Journey
Jewish convert longs to 'bring hemlines to the floor and habits to the world.'
When a young Jewish woman in the 1960s read of Catholic nuns receiving permission to shorten their habits, she was shocked. How could these women who were supposed to be influencing the world for God succumb to the influence of the world?
“I lost what wasn’t mine,” explained Rosalind Moss years later. Little did she know that … [More]

Catholic Answers: .... with the help of Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, how you can only really love Jesus if you also love religion, and provides scripture verses to back it.