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Deo gratias, saint Benoît was neither an exorcist, nor a priest, but only a monk, but who wanted to be holy, then he said, " in the name of Jesus avoid devils "

Dom Prosper Gueranger of Solesmes actually penned a small work entitled The Medal or Cross of Saint Benedict. This work remains little known, compared to his magnaum opu, The Liturgical Year. This small book is still in print by Loreto Publications. see. www. ,
I can personally attest to the positive, proper use of this sacramental. I have worn, distributed and used the St. Benedict Medal to good effect for the last 15 years.

I'll post this on my facebook page. People need to know the power of this medal. thanks for this - Blessings - Rene

Deo gratias, this is a brief explanation of the Saint Benedict Medal
Thanks toSaintJosephsParish,Video taken on YouTube