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I never heard of this saint. This was very educational and the Pope's words were very moving.

Don Bosco, patron Saint of Soccer? Why not!
The following comes from the Salesian News Agency:
The journalist Albert Christian Sellner in the pages of the Austrian daily “Der Standard” has proposed Don Bosco as the patron of football and suggested to the Pope that he should promote this recognition.
In the weekend edition of 3-4 July, Sellner notes that many footballers pray and look up to heaven as they are playing and yet there is no official patron for the profession. In spite of the fact …

Saint Lawrence of Brindisi
Son of Guglielmo de Rossi and Elisabetta Masella. He felt an early call to religious life, and was educated by the Friars Minor Conventuals of Brindisi. His father died when the boy was twelve. Studied in Venice. Joined the Capuchin Friars in 1575 at age 16, taking the name Brother Lorenzo. Studied theology, the Bible, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Syriac, and Hebrew at the University of Padua; a brilliant student known for his facility with languages… [More]