Ordinations with masks and gloves

Archbishop Prendergast: "Jesuit diaconal ordinations Saturday morning in exceptional circumstances due to Covid-19, joyful celebration nevertheless"
J G Tasan
@J G Tasan
I would say possibly invalid. A good idea.

Can maskered subjects done moral answers?

I suppose a material defect.
If they're contempo-Jesuits, it probably won't matter one way or the other. :D
Where is their faith in God!
Gloves masses everywhere
F M Shyanguya
Our Lady of Sorrows
The Priests need to start looking at other media information away from the narrative that the mainstream media are feeding them and also getting funded by Bill Gates
Be Ye Separate
I started saying decades of the Holy Rosary, thank you for the encouragement.
I hope you are a woman, because I have included you saying- "for my sister in London" Hail Mary...
Our Lady of Sorrows
@Be Ye Separate thank you, the most important thing at the moment is saving souls "Fear ye him who, after he hath killed, hath power to cast into hell. Yea, I say to you: Fear him"
Here are the pontifical gloves
Holy Cannoli
Here are the pontifical Nunchucks. 🤕
That's so much win. :D How appropriate Francis chose a flexible weapon instead of a "rigid" one. :D
De Profundis
Off topic, canon lawyer Father Francis G. Morrisey, O.M.I., died this morning.