Cardinal Burke Closes the Stable Door After the Cattle Has Run Away

Also in these coronavirus times which are "stranger" than they ought to be, bishops have no power to “dispense” the faithful from Sunday obligation, Cardinal Burke said. Talking to "Catholic Action"…
Burke, I'm sorry to say, is a coward. I wonder what secrets the "pope" has on him.
Cardinal Burke is a Modernist fraud! He's actually the worse kind. He has led many faithful conservative Catholics to continue following the false teachings of Vatican II by pretending he's a faithful Catholic. One day he will be exposed for what he is.
God bless Cardinal Burke.
If Cardinal Burke is off his game at the moment, he was in the slammer for over a year. It takes a while to come back mentally from that place.
Novella Nurney
@Ultraviolet, praytell? ...
I'm not speaking from first-hand experience, thank God. But I've seen what it does to people I known personally.
Novella Nurney
No, no, I meant when was Burke in jail? I missed something. I thought you meant Pell;)
Whoops! Totally my bad. Speaking of being "off their game" eh? :D
De Profundis
No there is Mass without Communion and Communion without Mass. But hand sanitiser instead of holy water?