Boris Johnson to discuss coronavirus vaccine efforts with Bill and Melinda Gates

Boris Johnson is set to discuss the international response to coronavirus and efforts to find a vaccine with billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates. …
Birds of a feather… Enjoy your wealth now, Bill and Melinda for it will be useless in the next life.
Our Lady of Sorrows
Shame the British people are not wised up to what's really going on behind the "Lockdown" The Italians are marching against their corrupt Government, for an overthrow as they are fed up with the Dictatorship /
Jim Dorchak
Oh shut up.... really bill gates?
Alex A
Bill should shut his 'gate'. He reminds me of a stanza from Lonnie Donegan's song; "What a mouth, what a mouth, what a North and South, blimey what a mouth he's got........"