Archbishop: Strong Words On Manchester Victims

Negri is one of the best Italian bishops, and one of the last who is not afraid of being a Catholic. Thank you, Monsignor, for your necessary words.

Archbishop: Strong Words On Manchester Victims

As news emerges still of the identities of those who died, it seems a mixture of young, as young as 8 years old, as well as parents who were waiting for their children to come out from the performance. Like Monsignor Luigi, we can offer Mass for the souls of these victims, each made in the image and likeness of God.
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Archbishop: Strong Words On Manchester Victims

@Holy Cannoli I don't know anything of Archbishop Luigi besides this letter. I certainly don't lump what he is saying in with the technique of liberal politicians. I thought he was countering their useless sympathies. No doubt, in the days to come, a back story will emerge on Abedi and it will be our fault he had succeeded in so much destruction of life. But again, I don't hear Luigi's comments as relating to the actor of violence at all, but rather the young lives, now lost, being wasted in what was not living. There will never be an opportune time to say this.
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Melania Trump Is a “Practicing Catholic”

It's too bad Mr Trump didn't meet Pope Benedict XVI. Here is a memorable tweet after partial abdication (not resignation):
"The Pope should not have resigned—he should have lived it out. It hurts him, it hurts the church..."

Poland to Muslims: " Here, Jesus is our King so get out "





and his words:

JESUS and MARIA [More]
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Holy Cannoli

Archbishop: Strong Words On Manchester Victims

Hello Jungerheld,
I don't believe this is the time for such a caustic insesitive letter from Archbishop Luigi. This is a time for sympathy for the families of the victims. Typical for liberals, they will not mention those who were directly responsible for the murders but, as in this case, he would prefer to blame society, the parents and who knows what else rather than Pope Francis' dear Muslims.

He's not alone in doing this. Politicians have perfected this technique of looking for someone … [More]

Archbishop: Strong Words On Manchester Victims

@Holy Cannoli I think we're seeing that even a nuke would not wake them (us) up as they need to be woken up. Perhaps even if someone should rise from the dead it would not wake them (us) up. I don't think the letter is about blaming anyone for the Manchester massacre. I think it's about hoping to wake us (adults) up. Among the 22 who lost their lives, some were parents waiting to retrieve their children after the event. They will not wake up.
Holy Cannoli

Archbishop: Strong Words On Manchester Victims

I would agree in the nearly universal sentiment that all politicians are worthless and stupid but in addition Monsignor Luigi (the overstuffed bloated bishop whose god is his belly) proves that Catholic clerics will not be outdone by stupid politicians. In typical Catholic fashion, Monsignor Luigi gets it totally wrong.

What happened to the pastoral approach that we have heard so much about from the Catholic hierarchy including HH? What happened to having compassion for the families and … [More]
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“I am beautiful because I love”, Our Lady of Medjugorje

NOVENA to SAINT JOAN OF ARC (from May 21 to May 29)


St. Joan, in following God's commands, served her countrymen who had been oppressed by the English. Her cause lead her into battle where she continued to honor God by encouraging purity and morality from her fellow soldiers. St. Joan fulfilled God's mission through justice--the moral virtue that consists in the constant and firm will to give their due to God and neighbor; establishing harmony that promotes equity with regard to persons and to … [More]

St. Urban I: Pope, Martyr (May 25) & Festival of the Banderesi

During the week between 18 and 25 May in Bucchianico, in the Province of Chieti, there takes place a re-enactment of the legend of St. Urbano I the Pope, patron of the town, whose intervention saved the citadel from the siege of the troops of Chieti. The folk festival tells through images the stories and the chronicle of that time, as it was passed on by the ancient wisdom of the local folk culture.…/banderesi.htm

Santa Madeleine Sophie Barat - el 25 de mayo

MsPandevida El verano pasado la veneré en París, iglesia de San Francisco Xavier...
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Daily Bible Reading 25 May 2017 of Catholic Mass The Ascension Of The Lord

Ascension of the Lord - Solemnity

Acts of the Apostles 1:1-11.

In the first book, Theophilus, I dealt with all that Jesus did and taught
until the day he was taken up, after giving instructions through the holy Spirit to the apostles whom he had chosen.
He presented himself alive to them by many proofs after he had suffered, appearing to them during forty days and speaking about the kingdom of God.
While meeting with them, he enjoined them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait … [More]

Burying Benedict | Matthew Schmitz

Matthew Schmitz : And so the two popes, active and emeritus, speaking and silent, remain at odds. In the end, it does not matter who comes last or speaks most; what matters is who thinks with the mind of a Church that has seen countless heresies come and go. When Benedict’s enraptured words are compared to the platitudes of his successor, it is hard not to notice a difference: One pope echoes the apostles, and the other parrots Walter Kasper. Because this difference in speech reflects a difference in belief, a prediction can be made. Regardless of who dies first, Benedict will outlive Francis.

Vatican Heavily Attacks Trump

You are right JTLiuzza. The people who are on the wrong side of every important vital holy issue such as abortion, hate trump. They lie about him all the time, and call him the liar. Trump has already accomplished good things. I honestly believe God will use Trump for greater good. I believe he is acting in good faith. Let's all pray for the man.
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Gloria Thomas

Daniel 2: 31-45 Statue Dream of Nebuchadnezzar Fulfilled in Church History!

This is certainly true because St. Paul tells us so. If one interprets this idol in a spiritual sense as the beasts of a similar vision of Daniel, they all represent the various aspects of the great apostasy from God that began with pagan Babylon after the flood of Noah. This idol and these beasts may represent the "Mystery of Iniquity"; that is, the worship of Satan through all his pagan religions and philosophies which have been "chained" by Christianity, but as a bear hibernates only to reappear (third beast), we see in our own times the recrudescence of paganism before a lax and befuddled Church.

Breaking: Cathedral Burned Down By Terrorists

It is time of Last Days.
Even bishops forgot that
Catholics worship not same God as Muslims.
Our God is Only One and
NO salvation in allah or buddha..


Ivory Coast: Freemasonry is a No Go

France is getting now what it deserve for blood of millions innocent people since French masonic revolution /1789/ until now.

Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerick: Jesus' Radiant Ascension

On the top of Mount Olivet, from which Jesus ascended, there was a level rock. On it He stood addressing the multitude before He blessed them and the cloud of light received Him. His footsteps remained impressed on the stone, and on another the mark of one hand of the Blessed Virgin. It was past noon before the crowd entirely dispersed.

Muzyka - ukrywana prawda


The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Slayer, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin (gitarzysta Jimmy Page jest zwolennikiem doktryny Crowley’a), Little Richard, Mercyful Fate, Deicide, Death SS (Steve Sylwester), Marilyn Manson, Madonna, Dee Snider, Hall and Oates (Daryl Hall), Stevie Nyxa, R xUN-DMC, LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Dortuary, Celtic Frost, Cannibal Corpse, Guns N’ Ross, KISS, The Doors, Sex Pistols, Rock Voxens, Def Leopard, David Bowie, Van Halen, Jimi … [More]
Holy Cannoli

New Osservatore Romano: Papal Meeting with Trump is below the fold

A transcript of the meeting leaked by an unnamed Russian source:

Pope: "I want to go home"
Aide: "You are home"
Pope: "I hate this"
Aide: "Just smile"
Pope: "These people are awful"
Aide: "Be nice"
Pope: "I want a cannoli"
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Vatican Heavily Attacks Trump

One of the things that attracted me to Trump in the beginning was his impressive list of enemies. If those marxist buffoons in the Vatican don't like him, he's doing something right.
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