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Le refuge des certitudes

@Roy-XXIII: On peut facilement trouver des vers similaires dans notre Bible, même dans le Nouveau Testament: Acts 13,19 Et, ayant détruit sept nations au pays de Canaan, il leur en accorda le territoire comme propriété.

Le refuge des certitudes

@Roy-XXIII: Les sauterelles viennent de propre initiative. Les musulmans remplient le vide que l'IVG, la destruction de la famille et la pilule contraceptive (promue aussi par l'«Église») ont produit. L'Europe a besoin des musulmans parce que sans eux, l'Europe n'a pas d'enfants.

Gloria.TV Noticias 27 de abril 2016 / Español

@leydonox: Es un hecho, que la Misión München es ultraliberal y muy anti-Iglesia. Este es un hecho público y no tiene nada que ver con un espíritu de sospecha. Benedicto XVI no debe dar dinero a una institución de este tipo.

SCONVOLGENTE: Incredibili affermazioni di Bergoglio!

A Papa Francesco piace parlare a braccio nonostante non è capace di farlo. Qualcuno dovrebbe farlo attento a questo e lui dovrebbe accettare i suoi limiti in tutta umiltà e semplicità e non insistere più.

Gloria.TV News on the 22nd of April 2016

Buenos Aires Seminary was known to be a bad seminary already when good Pope Francis was archbishop there. If you want to know whether a bishop is good, don't listen to what he says, look at how many seminarians he has.

Bistum Trier: Erster Laie wird „Dechant“

Wann wird der erste Laie Bischof im Bistum Trier? In der Kirche des "anything goes" geht alles, was nicht katholisch ist. Warum nennt sich Ackermann nicht Landesbischof und fusioniert mit den Lutheranern? (Ahh, die wollen ihn wohl nicht...)

Gloria.TV News on the 21st of April 2016

@Maria Dubovska: Please remember Winston Churchill: "I only believe in statistics that I doctored myself." In terms of religion Putin is certainly doing much better than any other government in a (former) Christian country. Poland has sold itself to the (satanic) EU and to the (satanic) NATO.

Pope Francis apologizes to refugees

Very simplistic, very pharisaic. Does anybody want our states to be run the way the Catholic Church has been run in the last decades? We will end up in anarchy and all die from hunger...

In Memory of Sister Clare

Very sad and very beautiful. When the Pope dies, they elect a new one, but what do we do when a young sister dies?

"I don’t remember the footnote" 351

Pope Francis was precisely the one who put the stress on this question by appointing mischievous Cardinal Kasper to be his mouth-piece. Is Francis throwing a stone and then blaming his hand for having thrown it?