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Tief empfundener Dank an Papst Benedikt XVI. Jesus Christus und seine Familie. Hl. Thérèse von Lisieux Eine gesegnete Passions und Osterzeit Maria hat geholfen Morschach Pfarrkiche St. Gallus Wo man gern zur Schule geht.
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Heartfelt thanks to Pope Benedict XVI.

59 8 32.5k
He was and is and will remain our shepherd, teacher and mentor. We fully trust his powerful prayer for his successor, and for us, the whole Church, and hope to God through him a few more years strengthening in spoken and written on our pilgrimage. …
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Francesco Federico
Christus vincit; Christus regnat; Christus Imperat. Benedicto summo pontifici et universalis patri: Pax, vita et salus perpetua. Tempora bona veniat; Pax Christi veniat; Regnum Christi veniat
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Klosterneuburg Kaiserzimmer

9 9.3k
The Baroque monastery in Klosterneuburg houses many art treasures. Visitors can explore the magnificent Imperial Apartments and the baroque Sala Terrana visit.
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meraviglioso!!! In quei tempi sì che si aveva gusto!!! Altro che banalità a cui ci siamo abituati fin troppo ormai
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