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Gloria.TV News on the 4th of February 2016

Seems the only accepted bigotry these days is against Christianity and especially the Roman Catholic Church. Dare say anything sarcastic against the jews or muslims and the outrage will be deafening.


Islamic Threat to America

Spokeswomen Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America presents a persuasive talk on the real threat of Islam to our Christian culture and Western Civilization.

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Chilling Christmas story .‘Brain dead’ son saved by armed father

The Pickering family from Texas is celebrating a miracle this Christmas, which so nearly did not happen. With doctors about to turn off a life support machine keeping George Pickering’s son alive, a desperate and armed George intervened, determined…


Is Christianity being wiped out of the Middle East and Africa? Is Europe next?

This is a fair and balanced view of the dilema in Europe, Canada, and USA in regards to this wave of immigration. Unfortunately the policies of the European Union and USA government are being driven by emotion and not by practical solutions. There must be a vetting process to protect the citizens of the host country. The following points must be considered: security, safety, health, economics, administration costs etc. Great interview.


Norway's call to remove Crosses from refugee housing[!] causes backlash

Let's expose the ungrateful Muslims for what they are. They come into a host country and demand welfare. They complain about uncomfortable arrangement and food. They hate Christianity and western culture. They demand western countries remove symbols of Christianity. NO, NO, NO!!! Like a spoiled child you will go to your room, keep your mouth shut, and say please, and thank you. We are the people who are paying the bill.