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Saint Pius V - April 30

breski1 Pope (1504-1572) Michael Ghislieri, a Dominican friar from his fifteenth year, a teacher of religion at twenty, as a simple religious, as inquisitor, bishop, and cardinal, was famous both for the spotless purity of his own life and for his …
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John P
Praise God. I've just discovered a new hero. Saint Pius V , pray for us.
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Big Loss: 9 Things You Should Know About Justice Antonin Scalia (1936–2016)

February 13, 2016 U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died today at the age of 79. He reportedly died in his sleep during a visit to Texas. Here are nine things you should know about one of the leading conservative voices on the nation’s …
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We've lost another champion of liberty. What do we have left: yes men and yes women who rule in favor of world opinion. That is not their job. They … [More]
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Islamic Threat to America

Spokeswomen Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America presents a persuasive talk on the real threat of Islam to our Christian culture and Western Civilization.
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Poland Rises Against Islam - Fr.Miedlar addresses the March For Independence, 11 Nov 2015 (Eng subs)

"Father Jacek Miedlar's sermon to 70,000 participants of the March for Independence 2015, calling to defend the Christianity in Poland in the wake of the Islamic invasion on Europe. The entire march, according to different sources, from 70,000 to …
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Boh žehnaj Poľsko!!! Kto bude na Slovensku takto povzbudzovať proti islamizácii???
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