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10 Reasons to be a Traditional Catholic and 10 Ways to Stay a Traditional Catholic

How about 10 ways to be a true CHRISTIAN. Oops, traditionalist vs liberalist. Sounds political to me. How about love the enemy? Hey be careful soon you will be another branch of protestants because you couldn't have it your way. Here is a thought, communion in the tongue, yes in the tongue, all that mess you be talking against your neighbor. The tongue is the dirties part of our body. We murder people with our tongue without ever touching to physically harm the other. But how awful to receive God with our hands. Lets get real, we are sinners, we need the Spirit of Christ. Until then, it's all politics.

Hello Catholic Bishops! Illegal immigration is a crime!

I disagree. One thing is to support abortion and a totally different thing is legalization of immigrants. The nation needs laws to strengthen the borders and solve the problem with the illegal immigrants that are already here. The bishops and EVERY catholic need to stand for life. For me to be mixing both this issues into one animal is a erroneous.