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INFLAMMATORY MEDIA: On Michael Voris & Mrs. Niles

We need real Catholics who will be willing to fight the truth with love, but not human's love but God's love following the truth doctrine. So many things are said ye not much is truly done, we need to start sanctifying ourselves. The destruction of the liturgy is also the destruction of the world and the damnation of many souls.



I did not know what they said but I loved it. Thanks


Fr. Brian Carpenter on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

With all due respect "father",
But how can you be even watching those movies that satanic and witch people are doing. Did you not know that the movie was made by one of the great witches, a real with?, and that the spells said in the movie are actual and real spells that were taken out of the book of the male goat.
You also gave good previews to the movie Frozen when the Walt Disney studios do not only hire gay people, but they also include a lot of subliminal messages that contain genitals in … [More]

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About true love and God

Short musical video about God and the power of love in people, because God is love


The most Shocking 4 minute abortion debate

Prolife vs Prochoice, what Prochoice can not stand to watch from beginning to end, the reality of their murders. Bring awareness to our youth as they are the next generation, do not allow the government to use the school system to educate them in …



This is such a wonderful video and beautiful, it touched my heart deeply, made me cry, that's the way w should all be and this world would be heaven already.
I try to be like that all the time. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video, God's love has many faces, and languages. God Bless.

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El aborto - E.S. Marino Restrepo

6 Hubo un hombre enviado de Dios que se llamaba Juan. 7 Este vino como testigo, para dar testimonio de la luz, a fin de que por medio de él todos creyesen. 8 No era él la luz, sino enviado para dar testimonio de aquel que era la luz. 9 El Verbo era …