The Scandalous Facts in Medjugorie are Comparable to the Abuses in Chile

@HavingFaith There were many believers that went there; were they going through a conversion before or during their visit there, we don’t know for sure. One thing IS for sure, that the Blessed Mother’s birthdate is September 8th. Per our Catholic tradition, per Mother Mary of Agreda in her ‘City of God’, per Blsd Anne Catherine Emmerich also. So why would Vicka say that Our Lady told her it was … More
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The Diocese of Greensburg welcomes its new chancellor

She’s single, pro Hillary supporter, pro-choice (death) & environmentalist.

Opinion | The Supreme Court Show

She’d probably vote more conservatively than the other two.
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Cardinal Burke Responds - Francis Has a Problem

Such godlessness everywhere.. today’s LifeSiteNews reports: ‘Cardinal Theadore McCarrick removed after ‘credible’ allegations he abused a minor. Finally!! The truth surfaces! 👍🏼
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Trump Has Received Blessed Scapular

Lets hope she gets enthroned with it and she wears it. The photo is when they visited Saudi Arabia.

Spain: 80 Year Old Consecrated a Bishop

Reality hasn't made its way into his brain yet... or maybe it left a long time ago.

Brady group, Jesse Jackson confront Chuck's Gun Shop

Jackson & Al Sharpton (who owes $4 Million in back taxes) are both race pimps. Now they’re adding gun control to their agenda. Hey, Jackson, is your son out of jail yet?
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Pope: Gay Pride Is an “Offence” and “Affront”

Whatever the % of homosexuals, however tired we may become of seeing & reading about their deviant & sinful living, people must not sit back because some say their numbers are small or for whatever reason. The truth is, the contamination will continue to increase due to our silence. How often does it need repeated that the homo agenda is Everywhere.. open childrens books in your local library, … More
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Archbishop Sample, “I Can’t Wish Away Communion On The Hand”

He ‘can’t wish away Communion in the hand’, but he surely can continue preaching about its multitude of abuses and recommending all to receive on the tongue while kneeling. He can also continually express the need for altar rails in all churches. And most importantly is constantly teaching the absolute need in going to confession (thats after he tells the priests to do the same.)
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Did Our Lady Appear in the Cloud of Dust?

Pompeo is anti-abortion and anti same sex pseudo marriage.

Moscow Nights

Man’s got some jive 🧐
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Francis: Homosexuals Cannot Enter Seminary

He needs to clean out the 50% that are already there first.
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