Benedict Joseph

He Knew Too Much: Why Giani Was Kicked Out

One would think that such an informed individual would be held close, not given free range. Despite the presumed gag order and the pay off one can hope he will not remain tongue-tied. Surely he has a retirement to fund.

Cardinal Müller: Bishop Kräutler Will Go To Hell

Can we find a few other members of the episcopate to magnify the voice of Cardinal Müller? Are virtually all of the ordained spineless faithless impotent lemmings? Where are the pastors in this Church?

"Leaks" Produced To Influence the Public Are Called "Balloon Trials"

The defining image of this individual. As humorous as it is tragic.

WATCH, Edward Pentin Pursuing Bishop Kräutler - Incredible Exchange

Who was the handler that extricated the bag of wind from the hole he dug for himself? There is a story there!

WATCH, Edward Pentin Pursuing Bishop Kräutler - Incredible Exchange

One would like to attribute Kräutler's frankness to honesty, but I'm afraid it only emerges from shamelessness.

Psychiatrist To Bergoglio’s Priests Who Sought Help: “I Need to Treat Your Archbishop”

Bergoglio already lived in a bubble where he is a saint and a hero. Then his buddies made him pope. Not a good thing. He is bereft of any degree of self-awareness in the face of his pathological narcissism.

Occupational Therapy: Vatican Carries Out [Mock?] Attack Against German Synod

That hit the nail on the head. Never for a moment did I take Ouellet's comments seriously. Who would? Do the Germans wear underwear?

Francis Also Asked Archbishop Viganò About the Jesuits

Suppress the insuppressible Society of Judas.

"Sensations": Francis Justifies the Squandering of Saint Peter’s Relics

Sentimentalist or sociopath?

Cardinal Marx "Can’t Wait For A Conclave", Already Acts "Like The Pope”

Should it come to pass soon, and our worst fears are realized, we have the consolation of knowing exactly what has been transpiring. There will be no more room for denial or self-deception. God spare us.

Francis Warns Madagascar Bishops Of Young "Rigid" Priests

The "grave problem" is standing before us in a white cassock.

Pro-Gay Bishop Suppresses Nuns for “Disobedience”

As Cardinal Aviz recently made quite clear, religious such as these need to be "eliminated." That is the element in the episcopate we are dealing with here in this display of invincible egoism.
God hold these nuns in the palm of Your hand.

Francis Claims: Religious Differences “Are Necessary”

Pathetic and moronic. Just observe the delivery. He is absurd.

Francis Church: The New Act of Contrition

Painfully accurate and I am howling! Thank you.

A "Saint" in His Private Swimming Pool

His body was ripped apart by an assassin's bullet. I don't begrudge him a dip in a pool for the maintenance of his health and well-being. For all his deficiencies, and they were there, I wish he was still walking the earth instead of the facsimile we have presently.

Overweigth Half-Naked Salesian Priest Plays Pagan on Internet

Perhaps Cardinal Maradiaga, another noted Salesian, will follow this new current in clerical fashion. He has exhibited a number of behaviors and perspectives which bespeak "jungle fever."

Whole Bishops' Conference Goes Pagan

The USCCB appears to have pursued the same course -- without the feathers.

German Bishop: Church "May Bless" Gay Fornication

No doubt where his loyalties are. Teutonic speculations has brought the world so many riches?

Cardinal Kasper: Church Should become “More Protestant"

This artifact is an abomination and requires institutionalization. Perhaps that is what the Bergoglian conundrum in a straight jacket in a snake pit.

Adultery Bishop: “Seeing Salvini Holding Rosary Beads, Hurt Me”

It doesn't hurt me. It is a consolation to see a public political figure acknowledge the centrality of sound faith to sound public policy. The Maltese Bergoglian Borg can go smoke a pipe.