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The Ordo Militaris Catholicus Polo Shirt

It’s rude to abuse the platform of Gloria TV to advertise what one”s peddling. Including XXXXL polo shirts.

Bolivian Newspaper Publishes Further Evidence Of New Cardinal’s Concubinage

of course hes no time. the old man's off to buy nappies. for himself. on the grand scheme of things, lets be thankful that its concubinage with a woman
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I think these kind of rhetoric plays into the enemy's hand (the enemy is Francis and his supporters, I make no mistake), because it is unclear and muddled and a lone shot in the dark. No, Burke/Schneider should lead the charge. But they are weak in their own way.


@Acchiappaladri Agree its a mess and confusion has addled the mind of this retired Bishop too. No Thomistic logic here according to what I know of the Angelic Doctor. Who is crisp clear.

In the fifth he believes 'perhaps' Bergolglio is not pope
I believe that the election of Jorge Maria Cardinal Bergolio in the Conclave of 2013 was perhaps either illicit or invalid or both because of the … More


his 7th article contradicts the 5th. he's unsure if Bergolglio is Pope or not after all it seems..

Trump Has Received Blessed Scapular

His tie is a little too long. A gentleman’s tie should never exceed his waist band. And that really is the only fault I can find in Mr. Trump.
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Papa Ben's Novus Ordo 2.0

@yuca2111 Whaaaaat? Benny not guilty of vii? He was a peritus in VII. He helped orchestrate the whole shambles. Many photos which show him wearing a ‘tie’ not priestly collar. Popular with reformist nutters like Kung ( who’s lost his head so fine to wear whatever around the empty neck) he had a change of heart, sort of. But then he resigned saying “ there was a real VII and an agenda driven … More

How to Receive the Eucharist

All nonsense. Only way to receive The Lord of the Universe is Kneeling and on the Tongue. That’s it.
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Dying Or Saving Hosts?

@ndhorner its actually from the film ‘Romero’ played by Raul Julia here’s a trailer the song is from a Bolywood Film (its clearly Hindi)