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Time for Resignation: Cardinal O’Malley’s Double Standard

ALL the US Bishops should resign as the Chileans did. McCarrick Wurrel Farrel O’Malley Cupich and Dolan (at least) should be laicised.
Perhaps the Pope should resign too for good measure

How the Pennsylvania Attorney General Lies About "Abuses"

But there IS a circle of secrecy. Children have been raped and all these bastards are worried about is the ‘mis attribution’ of a word? Wurrel is guilty guilty guilty. He MUST GO! And it will only be fitting if THE ENTIRE US BISHOPS CONFERENCE OFFERS THEIR RESIGNATIONS. Just like the Chileans did. Nothing less will suffice.
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Campion the Champion

U.S. Abuse Propaganda Distracts From the Real Problem - Madison Bishop Clarifies

+Robert Morlino is an extraordinary ordinary. He’s also Catholic. God bless him.

Vatican Under Thumb of Fake-News CNN Feels "Shame and Sorrow"

@mattsixteen24 regardless of what you consider good or bad wars, the reality is that America went to war. The ecclesiastical equivalent is comming, American laity are pissed off, it’s the sense i get from many of my american friends, priests, and looking at catholic media. I am going to sit back and watch the shock and awe.

Vatican Under Thumb of Fake-News CNN Feels "Shame and Sorrow"

Is the ‘article’ down playing the seriousness of the excrement storm hitting the American Church AGAIN? Bill Donahue is a lap dog of the US Bishops. He’s paid to bark. What he says has as much credibility as CNN does. The Philadelphia report and McCarrick case has stirred the American Catholics like a hornets nest. And unlike their German counterparts sitting on their money pot, the American … More
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The Pennsylvania Grand Jury Hoax

Donahue is a braying donkey in the payroll of the US bishops. Who are all crooks and rogues not to be trusted

Francis got a new "Ferula"

whats that? a giant catapult or a wish bone
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If God wants to save a soul, he will send a missionary

@pw agree. Murdering the Queen’s English is not edifying.
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Francis’ Proxy Does "Not Celebrate" the Rejection of Abortion in Argentinia

@angry bob in his defence it’s THE ART OF KISSING not the area of kissing. Although I’m sure that’s his sequel. This is the idiot who wrote Amoris Laet. Oh I cannot get myself to spell it

Maniple alert!

Good to see maniple on the arm of the Deacon. St Alphonsus in his beautiful treatise on the Duty and Dignity of a Priest writes : It is well known that the maniple is for the purpose of wiping away the tears that flowed from the eyes of the priest; for in former times priests wept continually during the celebration of Mass. i suppose the two men, partially vested on either side are Bishops too, … More

Argentina Senate rejects bill to legalise abortion in setback for women's rights groups

This is a ploy. To support Francis an Argentine pope. It’s a ‘holding measure’ not to create embarrassment (further) to him as long as he’s pope. This will be approved as soon as Francis leaves

English Songwriter Sting Is Inspired by the Old Latin Mass

Here’s an example of what he’s written, I don’t think he was ever really ‘inspired’ in the true sense. Read the disjointed mad rambling lyrics of a disturbed mind and count the number of insults to the Church and Jesus.

All This Time


I looked out across the river today.
Saw a city in the fog and an old church town where the seagulls play.
Saw the sad shire horses walking home in the sodi…
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Two Heros Who Have Resisted the Evil Western Regimes

@Don Reto Nay looks like someone disagrees vehemently. The length of the posts is longer than the article itself.

Please pray for Rev. Fr. Martin Edwards, London

prayers assured for father's full and speedy recovery
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Museum for Catholic Statues

whats John malcovich doing in the museum, commenting on the vivid imagery of catholicism?