GJA Taylor

Burke and Schneider at Catholic Counter-Conference to “World Meeting of Families”

Perhaps we should be going to Ireland to outnumber the "papal families drivel", by all acounts 30,000 are going to papa Francis' jamboree .
GJA Taylor

"Sacramental Ordination" Of Women Under Discussion - Cardinal Schönborn

please go retire card Schonborn and give us all a break!
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GJA Taylor

Men Without Faith Reign The Church - Bishop Athanasius Schneider

What a fantastic bishop this bishop is. God bless him.
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GJA Taylor

Vatican Document and Bishop's Synod Try to Impose “LGBT”-Propaganda on the Church

They have been trying for years and become more and more irrelevant.
Pray and don't worry.
GJA Taylor

Francis’ Visit Brings Diocese on Verge of Bancrupcy

Just ask Humble Francis to rethink his visit, and to make it a private one to the WC of "c"'s then it should cost a few bob. The Swiss Catholics are making their views known with 25,000 collection for a 2 million humble debt! Good on em.
GJA Taylor

The Times Have Changed - Now Catholic Priests Back “Humanae Vitae”

..."back in 1968 Humanae Vitae had only few supporters". Is that not the nub of it. The clergy then were faithless, lacking in basic spirituality and so their teaching was woolly to say the least and downright garbage in so many cases. In my memory I heard one sermon on contraception and maybe 5 or 6 on abortion.
Now, 500 actually believe, well that is a start anyway. I would dearly like to know … More
GJA Taylor

Pope Francis Meddles With Life of Cloistered Nuns

pope Francis is a crafty old cleric, but his badness will not prevail much longer, thank God he is in his eighties.
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GJA Taylor

BREAKING – New Cardinal Elect Has Concubine And Children

Is this pope just badly informed? I don't think so.
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GJA Taylor

Cardinal Marx Is Inserting “A Lie” – Archbishop Chaput

The Church is in schism and the German "prelates" are leading the way (with the arrogance of their fabulous wealth) to try to force vomit into peoples mouths. Won't work though. There is a natural reaction to that kind of garbage.
GJA Taylor

Francis: Homosexuals Cannot Enter Seminary

The people in charge of the seminaries in the eighties onwards in Scotland? Ireland? Are you having a laugh?
GJA Taylor

Francis Called a Mother Who Considered Abortion

Oh my! Is this from Papa Francis' PR manager? Are we supposed to think the pope who said we talk too much about abortion is now come to his senses??? I think not.
GJA Taylor

Secular Outlet: Francis Is Undermining Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality

How long do we have to endure this rotting corpse of a Vatican under this dreadful pope?
GJA Taylor

Communion In The Hand - Denied In The Vatican

If Holy Communion is to be given on the tounge , what's with this choir member sticking his hands out?
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GJA Taylor

A Mother Writes – Francis Does Not Answer

What that Catholic laywoman wrote to Pope Francis is in fact just what all faithful are thinking about this bad pope. In reality, he knows perfectly well what he says, what he does and who he invites to the city of God and the dreadful prelates he appoints. He is, in fact, a very bad pope. Pray that Almighty God may in His Mercy grant this arrogant pope a Pauline Conversion.