GJA Taylor

"I have no more communication with the Vatican. I am marginalized."

H.E. Card. Zen is blessed to marginalised by the stinking corpse of the Vatican under this dreadful Pope.
GJA Taylor

Panamanian Francis Cardinal Jose Luiz Lacunza Maestrojuan spouts heresy

spouts heresy? oh well he must be one of the Pope's pals. Nothing new there.
GJA Taylor

Majority of US Bishops Would [Invalidly] Ordain Women

Oh my goodness, their arrogance and blindness knows no bounds, what a waste of space in costume they really are. God help us, get rid of these useless clowns in costume.
GJA Taylor

A Long List of “Embarrassing Figures“, Francis "Prefers, Protects and Defends"

and the list has not even started on the German prelates, Card 's Marx and Kasper for a start. They all will be swept away. Thank Almighty God.
GJA Taylor

Pope Francis Has A Spin Doctor

After Pope Francis is dead, the next Pope will need to prioritise the complete suppression of the dreadful Jesuit order.
GJA Taylor

Ecumenism Is Recipe for Failure: Empty Pews At Francis’ Ecumenical Vespers

At last the faithful of Rome give this bad Pope a very wide berth.
God has exposed him.
GJA Taylor

Vatican Lied About Bishop Zanchetta

The humble pope exposes himself with the friends he keeps close and closer. Our Lady will crush this vile corpse of a Vatican.
GJA Taylor

Another Cardinal Turns Church Into Restaurant

What another humble "prelate" arranging the cameras in to film him giving food to the "selected" poor of Naples. He must be a very good friend of Pope Francis who is very adept at using cameras, how humble indeed.
Is it a little confusion that allows God's house to be desecrated like this when the Card has a very spacious palace in which he could arrange cameras to show him feeding the poor in … More
Jesus specifically condemns those Pharisees and hypocrites who make a public show of generosity. He has got his reward for being a good Bergoglian and his punishment (for sacrilege and likely heresy) will be later, unless he repents. It is sad that in places with the finest churches, there is both a liturgical void and politically intended nonsense like this. Pray for the conversion of this … More
GJA Taylor

Francis Feels “Annoyance" At the Church

One day his mask will slip and he will expose himself even to the world. He is a very bad Pope, pray for him.
GJA Taylor

French Sisters Persecuted By the Vatican

Is there not an honest French journalist who would do a little investigation into the double life of this "prelate"?
Once these pointy hats are exposed for what they really are, they slip off to Rome and then the work of God can continue.
GJA Taylor

China: Pope Francis Is Learning the Hard Way

I do not trust this very bad pope, or any word out of his forked tounged mouth. He is the worst pope in history or is he a moron? ( the moron answer would be the generous one,), but alas, he is no moron - just a blind fake.
GJA Taylor

Spanish Bishops Refuse Homosexual Seminarians

And they have to be men of prayer. The bishops are great at saying what they will do, not so hot on the action part.
GJA Taylor

Why Did Dubia Cardinal Meisner Ordain “So Many” Homosexuals?

Then Card. Sterzinsky, you know what you have to do, and it isn't moan about Card. Meisner, it is to do your job. You have said you know, so do you duty.
GJA Taylor

No Synodality: Francis Imposed False Translation of Our Father on Bishops

Just ignore this arrogant pope on St Peter's chair, he is a very bad man.