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Civil War in the Church: Vatican Attacks Cardinal Müller's Person

It would be Johann Eck vs. Luther-Melanchthon disputation all over again with the same result. Let's do it.
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Bishop Attacks A Straw Man

St. Paul and other apostles were "prophets of doom"? I'm in good company.
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J. Boanerges

Interesting Things About the Knights Of Columbus

Of course. If you want "access" you have to support the company causes. That's why the K of C is flush with cash. Had they taken an up and down conservative stand, support would practically vanish...but you knew that already...
J. Boanerges

Cardinal Schönborn Reviles Saint Pius V as an "Anti-Semite”

Read the Talmud and now exactly why the Church is at permanent enmity with the Rabbinic Jews that was formed after their exile from Jerusalem. Also, the Church's progressive teaching "Sicut Judeis Non". He's no more "anti-semitic" than anyone else who defends the faith.
J. Boanerges

Gloria.TV News on the 15th of May 2017

That's great and all but, he's a Jew. If it's as important as he says (and it is) why doesn't he convert? He hasn't taken the logical step to lend credibility to what he said. It's good to hear but it rings hollow...
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