Polemics: Francis Rebrands Faithfulness as "Rigidity"

We are living through the Third Secret of Fatima now.
Just as "war is a punishment for sin" so is the Pope a punishment for all out infidelity and a culture of death inside the Church. We need to stay faithful and prayerful. God is in charge. And pray for this sad man.

The [Corrupt] German Bishops "Will Ask To Abolish Celibacy"

Poor St Boniface. The roots of the pagan barbarians run deeper than imaginable.

Godlike [Novichok] State: United Kingdom Owns The Children – Not the Parents

I think that the dad is correct that the hospital has misdiagnosed the condition and it would be found out in Italy and God forgive me but from some of the news items it wouldn't be a stretch to glean that the baby was planned for an organ donor. As far as the judge is concerned: disordered morals produce disordered decisions. The Ten Commandments are out in the UK

German Bishop Slams Fellow Bishops Publically As “Pre-Conciliar”

Enough! Put his diocese under Interdict and send the poor soul to a monastery to do penance for the sake of his eternal salvation.

BREAKING, Benedict XVI Against German Protestant Communion

All the dioceses of the German bishops who approved inter Communion with Protestants should immediately be put under Interdict.!

30-year-old Seminarian Found Dead in Rome R.I.P.

Not only is the Order not corrupt but it is growing and receiving good holy vocation and priests per the Vatican after a beautiful renewal. The Founder was a problem but the formation and fidelity to the Magisterium has been consistently outstanding. Bishop Chaput was one of the visiting Bishops and said their formation and charity was remarkable. It is so sad to see how bad information spreads … More