Maudie N Mandeville

Cardinal: It is Time to “Exit” the Abuse Hype

Turkson is a modernist. Go from there.

English Carmel Goes Fully Old Rite

Maybe one day altar boys will again be altar 'boys'. That's when we'll know that the homosexual scourge has ended.

Was Cardinal McCarrick Even A Soviet Spy?

It is unlikely that has access to such people and why the anonymity at 90? Perhaps they've forgotten who they are.😆

Vatican media expert Fr. Rosica admits to plagiarism, blames interns

(male interns)👨❤👨

Notre Dame willing to cover up Columbus mural but not graphic porn

Willing to cover up Columbus? John Jenkins was willing to cover up Catholic iconography for the pro-abort, pro-homosexual, pro-muslim Barack Obama and give him an honorary degree. (As did the 'Novus Ordo' Georgetown University). Novus Ordo, indeed.

Wunderschöner Gesang zu Mariä Lichtmess 2018

Invisible incense? And boy does that old man look feeble.

US bishops to consider new hymn translations for Liturgy of the Hours

This will go over well with the same US Catholics who embraced all of the subsequent modernist changes stemming from Vatican ii which has led to the collapse of priests, nuns and laity in the Church for the past 60 years. "What difference at this point does it really make?" Indeed.

Wuerl To "Discuss" Acceptance of Retirement With Francis

Doesn't matter to Francis. He's got a "lobby" full of replacements.

NY Attorney General subpoenas every Catholic diocese in the state

Pro homȯsexual New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood is an anti-Catholic, anti-Christian zealot but is willing to trade a few gay slights for the greater good which has to do with the Church and Christianity in general.

Burke: Francis Must Respond To Dubia Questions

He won't. It would expose him. However, there are far fewer in the homosexual lobby able to encourage and support his silence.

Francis Hides Behind "Silence, Prayer"

Pope Francis admits: 'When I pray, sometimes I fall asleep'

New Bomb in the Vatican on Cardinal Farrell?

A dossier on Cardinal Kevin Farrell is provided to the Jesuit led Friends of Francis Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Remember: Sexual Abuses Are Preceded by Liturgical Abuses - By Dr Geoffrey Brushwood

If I have to attend a 'strange' church (and most are), I always take hand sanitizer for the "Peace be with you" handshakes (which today also passes for confession, "Peace be with you, fuggitabout it!). The worst, though, is when someone asks for an "extra" when they go for communion.

Cardinal Makes False Distinctions to Justify Mortal Sin

No one believes this pabulum. Even liberal Catholics know this is a lie but is useful to shout down the 5% of real Catholics.

McCarrick Renounces His Cardinalate – Punished To Seclusion, Prayer, Penance

More wine, dancing and boys.

Famous Philosopher Shocked About Disloyalty of Vienna Cardinal Schönborn

Europe is dying (1.60 replacement rate) and threatens its welfare payouts, ergo, muslim welfare migrants. Go figure. In one of his more lucid moments, Pope Paul vi warned of the pill and its long term effects.

Pope Francis Walking Along - and Ignored - in Vatican City

It sounded as though some were laughing at him.

Francis Accepts Resignation of Suspected Gay Bishop

No worries. Francis has more homosexuals he can replace Pineda with.

Nelson Mandela Day 2018

South Africa is Mandela's legacy. Just like Zimbabwe is Mugabe's and Congo is Mobuto's. Pick your poison.

Is Pope Francis’ Pontificate the Stalin Area of the Catholic Church?

Stalin or stain, they both work.