Why Was Mass Reformed?

Good point. If the Blessed Eucharist is all that matters, there was no need for reform. However, there was a need for reform. The problem is that the clergy did not follow what the Fathers of the Council originally intended. So much that changed was not intended by the Fathers to change. For example, altar rails should not have been removed and tabernacles should never have been touched or moved.… More

"Fool's Mass" in Aachen

I am not against the Novus Ordo, and if it was done as it was first intended by the Fathers of the Council, none of this garbage and sacrilege and blasphemy would have happened. These evil so-called priests and so call Catholics are the devil's disciples who only worship him, not the Lord our God.

Francis seems to think he can best please Christ by pleasing the World. By Fr. Brian Harrison, O.S.

So many of Christ's chosen ones have abandoned Him. No wonder the Lord asks if there will be any faith left on earth when He returns. Let us be determined to stay close to Our Lord in these unimagined troubled times in the Church.

Court Rules Against Family Who Lost Their Bakery For Not Making Same-Sex Wedding Cake

God bless you Aaon and Melissa.
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Christmas Concert in Vatican 2017

Whenever Religious and Clergy think they are performers, they scream that their hearts are not with their vocation and they are very poor performers. Luke warm, they will be vomited out of the Lord's mouth. Sad she thinks she can sing. Sadder still she imagines she is doing something good. Sooooo awful!

Priest Hopes To Officiate Gay Pseudo-Weddings

So badly formed in his Religious and Theological training. He must think morality is irrelevant. Of course if no one is going to hell, as many liberals believe, why worry about chastity? Hmmm - !!!!

Cardinal Tobin Wants Women Cardinals

Then join one of the many protestant man made religions that suit you. Fake Orders, fake religion - you can do what you want. Clearly you are no longer a Catholic.
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Cardinal Marx, Nothing Bad In Gay Partnerships

Cardinal Marx has thus rejected Divine Revelation. He is no longer a Christian.
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Vatican Nativity Scene Denies Sin, Hell and Redemption

I think we are getting closer to the "abomination of desolation" being placed in the Sanctuary of God

“Hipster Nativity” in Illinois Cathedral

Our Lord chose the time and place to be born in this world. It wasn't in the West nor in the 21st Century.
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Parish priest breaks the silence, shares that he is gay

All human beings are called to love chastely. If you are faithful, why see yourself defined by a sexual desire? Or does declaring yourself gay give you an imagined ticket for sexual love?
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