are we disobedient?

Two items discussed, to show why we must keep clear from local bishops. Even while we recognize their authority.…/confessions-of-……/2054-a-1978-rep… More
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Christ priest and victim

Ave Maria! Passion Sunday A.D. 2018 אהיה אשר אהיה "He entered once for all ... by virtue of His own blood, into the [Holy of] Holies, having obtained eternal redemption." Today is Passion Sunday, … More
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Goodbye to NZ Hello to Australia

Fr Andrew Cranshaw SSPX leaves as Prior in Wanganui, new appointment Tynong VIC Australia. Ad Multos Annos!
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St. Benedict medal

1st Sunday of Lent—TEMPTATION "Begone, Satan!" St. Matthew, 4:10. During the Civil War it was illegal to trade in cotton. Nevertheless, many greedy dealers tried to buy cotton in the South, run … More
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idleness and equality

Parable of the Vineyard Labourers (Mt only)—1. Not the householder but the whole situation in which he figures is comparable to the Kingdom, 13:24, note. He goes to the bazaar at daybreak (ἅμα πρωΐ) … More
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Valtorta is a must. Go and visit Viareggio and see the sickbed where Maria received the divine information. In contrast to Emmerick who told her … More
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Dangerous Slogans & 7 rules for Fathers

From St John Bosco Saint John Bosco's helpful advice for the weary parent or frustrated teacher One of the most challenging things about raising a child is knowing how, and when, to discipline. What … More
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