2nd Sunday of Advent sermon Las Vegas Rev. Fr. David Phillipson
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Quo Primum
Dec 3 sermon fixed
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Immaculate conception

MARY Reading 9 Be it thine to clothe God's priests with righteousness, and to make them shout aloud for joy Ps. cxxxi. 9, 16, in approved and stainless, and upright and glorious faith. thine be it … More
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last judgment

Heaven or Hell
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Quo Primum
Problem fixed
Quo vadis K
no sound... its muffled?

end times

Poem 578 My miserable Fatherland! Miserable land that will experience the punishment of God! Miserable inhabitants and children whom I now bless and I would like to be saved, and who, although … More
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seven ages of Christ and His Church

Cf Ven Bartholomew. It is the vision of the Seven Ages of the Church, as presented by the Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser in his Commentary on Chapters II and III … More
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true contrition

Cut short with poem, below. Poem conclusion : And thus we rust Life's iron chain Degraded and alone: And some men curse, and some men weep, And some men make no … More
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Canon Law must change

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in over 50 ways. 50 shades of darkness in the 1983 Codex
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Non Timebo
Not so sure “the fix” would be to change the present modernist Canon Law....throw it in the trash would be the best solution. This new canon law is … More

Bishop Fellay and Pope Francis

Open letter. May Jesús rescue Peter's successor from sinking.
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Non Timebo
The Pope has never strayed too far from the inherent heresies of Vatican II...he simply puts-a-face to the skullduggery of that council’s destruction of the Faith.


Get ready. Death must come, I know not when nor where nor how, but if I die in mortal sin i am lost forever. Lord Jesus have mercy on us Pray for the soul of Daniel McDonald. Sudden Death
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God bless this priest for these words of wisdom!

Revolution complete

Third Order talk Phoenix September 16, 2017. Intro 10 minutes. Abp Lefebvre at 10 minutes ff. On Christ, the Church and the Mass. Revolution begins after 28 minutes.… More
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Church crisis resolution

Pope Formosus. The key Point here is how the church went through a similar crisis over 1000 years ago. Coming out of that crisis was the work only of saints getting into positions of authority. st Vladimir Cluny St Gregory VII Hildebrand
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