Fantastic news coming from the Diocese of Wichita

which ordained 10 new priests.
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Yes, but are they Novus Ordo entertainer priests or priests that will preach the gospel fearlessly?

This new “church” in Bavaria cost $17.5 million


Cardinal Marx of Munich has enough money.
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looks like it would make a good masonic hall
Ivan Tomas
I wonder it have a cross anymore... About ugliness of the object which must be made for the most Sacred and Holy,... I do not need to say nothing. … More

Racism is "inconsistent" with ABC's "values" - But anti-Catholic bigotry is acceptable

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the firing of Roseanne Barr from ABC-TV: Roseanne Barr has been making vile comments for years, so why—all of a sudden—has she crossed the line? In …
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U.S. bishops’ pro-life chair defends denying Communion to pro-abortion politicians

They need to be held to 'accountability.'
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Australian archbishop convicted of concealing child sexual abuse |

He is the most senior cleric ever convicted of the crime
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Archbishop Gänswein, in a soutane with purple sash, indifferently flipped pages of designer frocks until he lingered on a luxurious Madame Grès dress inspired by a Franciscan habit. “They all love … More

How the Met Got the Vatican’s Vestments

The inside story of how the Met's Costume Institute convinced the papal powers to be part of a fashion exhibit
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A Raccoon at Mass || ViralHog

Occurred on May 2, 2018 / University of San Diego, California, USA "Early on during Mass, I had heard people laughing and chattering and eventually my friend pointed out to me the raccoon on the … More
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Do we know whether Rocky approved or disapproved of the homily?

Jorge Bergoglio in civil clothes

Antonio Spadaro (La Civiltà Cattolica) published this picture on twitter.
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Where is his cassock? Let's give him the benefit of the doubt and maybe this was taken before he went to the seminary. Although he looks middle aged.
Sunamis 46
That is a old picture

Priest: How to tell you have a bad shepherd https://

LifeSiteVideo (24.04.2018)
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Nobody denies that a priest's life is challenging and at times difficult, although I have to admit that some live very well. It is not sufficient … More
Unfortunatly there are a lot of sheppards with wolfs clothes

Father Ray Kelly: ‘Everybody Hurts (Britains's Got Talent)

A Catholic priest brought judges to tears last weekend, following his audition on the national TV talent show.
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Holy Cannoli
UPDATE Fr. Ray told The Irish Sun that he may take a year off from his parish in Oldcastle, Co Meath to pursue singing. “I’m hoping I would be … More
And a huge YES from me Fr Kelly! Wonderful rendition and hope you make the final. Thank God for your great voice! Good on you for entering the show

This KoC Leader Received Supernatural Message from Founder Amidst Hurricane Devastation

José Lebron-Sanabria, who has been heroically leading the Knights of Columbus work in Puerto Rico: “I asked God what I have to do to take care of the members,” he explains in the video. “I really … More
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Dr Bobus
The headline doesn't match the text

50 years ago - prayer before work

An excellent article article in the Sunday Mail about how the "... Killing of almost 200,000 babies a year sustains a vast industry, employing thousands, many of them very well paid..."
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In fact, as it turns out, Weigel really isn’t all that alarmed about what some of his fellow conservatives see as confusion and disarray unleashed by the maverick Argentine pope. “This isn’t 1968, … More

George Weigel weathering turbulent times with stouthearted friends

In George Weigel's latest book, he's not reflecting on the Pope Francis era, but the entire global situation over the last quarter-century.
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"Truth never ages, ideologies have their days numbered." -Pope Benedict XVI
Letter from Pope Francis to Chilean bishops does not reveal whether Osorno Bishop Juan Barros Madrid will keep his job or not.

Pope Francis admits ‘serious mistakes’ in Chile sex abuse case

In a letter addressed to Chile's bishops, Pope Francis admitted to making “serious mistakes” in handling the nation's massive sex abuse crisis and …
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Atanasio de Trento
Bergoglio exposed as a liar by own advisers on abuse victim…/francis-exposed… Damian ThompsonVerified account @holysmoke… More
Jim Dorchak
Hey! Who am I to judge? I remember someone else saying that........... Oh yea..... More

Sony Music “discovers” Catholic artist after video goes viral

At only 18 years old, the singer Camila Holanda has earned her own place on center stage of the Catholic music scene. The young Brazilian girl, who was born in João Pessoa, Paraiba, started to sing … More
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Vatileaks otra vez

42 pages publicó el Pdf de la Exhortación de mañana. Documento completo. En el español original.
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Atanasio de Trento
si se quiere salvar el alma, este es otro panfleto que es necesario quemar, para no contaminarnos con la herejía bergogliana.

Vatican Leaks Again

42 pages published the Pdf of tomorrow's Exhortation. Full document. In the original Spanish.
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Lisi Sterndorfer
The Exhortation is according to the writing style NOT ghostwritten by Archbishop 'Tucho' Fernandez

Prof Priscilla Coleman: "Abortion and Women’s Mental and Relational Health"

Prof Coleman gave this talk at the 2018 SPUC Youth Conference. Priscilla Coleman is an academic psychologist and Professor of Human Development at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She has … More
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A joke by Francis - that will make you laugh

It's a reminder from Pope Francis
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I know what's uglier than gossip.
Holy Cannoli
Two beggars were sitting side by side on a street in Rome, Italy. One had a religious painting in front of him; the other one was holding the Star … More