Millennials are turning to tarot readings as technology and Brexit have left them feeling 'lost'

Millennials are turning to tarot readings as technology and Brexit have left them feeling 'lost'

Tarot readings have long been met with superstition, often thought to involve mystical powers such as those possessed by Solitaire in Ian Fleming’s …
The hierarchy of the Church abandoned them at Vatican II . What else would you expect the millennials to do?
Thank you Vatican 2 for destroying the faith of so many.

Mexican women marry trees

These marrying rituals in Mexico involves tying the knot with a tree
People will do anything to bring attention to their cause.
Exorcism needed in Mexico . STAT!

Museum for Catholic Statues

Lou McClung is a make-up artist from Cleveland, Ohio. For years, he has been collecting and restoring old statues which otherwise would have decayed or been dumped. Such is his love of preserving … More
Sad, we have a Museum for our Statues... I miss these in sterile Catholic church.

A Eucharistic miracle in Argentina and what scientists say about it.

Why should you stay Catholic and ask other Christians to be one? Simple. In the Catholic Church, we have Jesus in the Eucharist!
It's discussed here...... They have further discovered that the Blood Type of all of the Eucharistic Miracles matches that found on both the Holy … More
Powerful scientific proof of Jesus presence to/within us, for those who doubt...
There is nothing royal about killing.

Meghan Markle is “Pleased” Ireland Voted to Kill Babies in Abortions

British royal bride Meghan Markle waded into the abortion debate Tuesday, supposedly by saying she was “pleased” that Ireland voted to repeal its …
Of course she is pleased, the result is more dead Catholic babies.
Our Lady of Sorrows
Alexamarie we ALL have a duty to defend the unborn child, who is totally defenceless “The refusal to take sides on great moral issues is itself a … More
Paul Mankowski on sentimental moralism: We're told that a goldfish has a memory so brief that at the conclusion of each circuit of its bowl it forgets everything it knew at the beginning. I think of … More

gold fish & red herrings

Busted Halo's Bill McGarvey interviews Melinda Henneberger, who, as is her wont, pin-balls all over the theological map as her feelings flip her. I …

State Sponsored Theft

UK MPs slam the proposed Israeli demolition of a Palestinian Bedouin village to make way for illegal settlements.
Roberto 55
Can you rather talk about your own raped kids by moslem rape gangs in your own country?
This is great news: Guam is now abortion-free! The country's last abortionist has retired, and no doctor is willing to commit abortions.

No abortion providers on Guam

The only doctor on island providing abortions retired, which forces women on the island to look elsewhere to get legal or illegal abortions.
Download and magnify to read.
Jim Dorchak
@mattsixteen24 Got it. I had to dig a little more into the right click. It is not on the first drop down. Thanks

Cardinal Turkson on the Drums

Celebrating farewell of the former German ambassador
Holy Cannoli
It could be worse. The rapping priest, Fr. Stan Fortuno. More
Don Reto Nay
What is the difference between a clown and a cardinal? There is none.

Pittsburgh diocese, "Our Lady of the Roller Coaster"

Published by: Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, 1 June 2018. Text on facebook: "I've been praying to Our Lady of the Roller Coaster" Fr. Mike Ackerman and Fr. Mike Zavage ride the Phantom's Revenge at … More

Franics, German Intercommunion Is "Well Done"

Will an intervention from the Vatican be necessary to clarify or will the German bishops have to find an agreement? Pope Francis: This is not a novelty because in the Code of Canon Law, what the …

Fantastic news coming from the Diocese of Wichita

which ordained 10 new priests.
Yes, but are they Novus Ordo entertainer priests or priests that will preach the gospel fearlessly?

This new “church” in Bavaria cost $17.5 million


Cardinal Marx of Munich has enough money.
Wayside Shrine Maker
It will make an excellent factory or large truck repair shop someday. German engineering, it will last forever.
looks like it would make a good masonic hall

Racism is "inconsistent" with ABC's "values" - But anti-Catholic bigotry is acceptable

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the firing of Roseanne Barr from ABC-TV: Roseanne Barr has been making vile comments for years, so why—all of a sudden—has she crossed the line? In …

U.S. bishops’ pro-life chair defends denying Communion to pro-abortion politicians

They need to be held to 'accountability.'

Australian archbishop convicted of concealing child sexual abuse |

He is the most senior cleric ever convicted of the crime
Archbishop Gänswein, in a soutane with purple sash, indifferently flipped pages of designer frocks until he lingered on a luxurious Madame Grès dress inspired by a Franciscan habit. “They all love … More

How the Met Got the Vatican’s Vestments

The inside story of how the Met's Costume Institute convinced the papal powers to be part of a fashion exhibit

A Raccoon at Mass || ViralHog

Occurred on May 2, 2018 / University of San Diego, California, USA "Early on during Mass, I had heard people laughing and chattering and eventually my friend pointed out to me the raccoon on the … More
Do we know whether Rocky approved or disapproved of the homily?