My life as a married Catholic priest

Should your wife or you one day file for a divorce, PLEASE DO NOT PARADE your filth INTO THE CHURCH, and parade it all over for others to CHOOSE SIDE and cause DIVISION. Thank you.

(Catholic) Social Justice: Not What You Think It Is

CATHOLIC SOCIAL JUSTICE after Vatican II = Socialism, Freemasonry, and Satanism. It is NO LONGER CATHOLIC.

Any Priests, Bishops, Nuns, and ordained individuals subscribed to this rubbish are NO LONGER Catholics.

The faith is about SAVING SOULS.
The Catholic Church is not on giant size US Department of Health and Human Services.

Avortement = Crime

I am all for beating abortionists and abortion supporters with Crow Bars. This is righteous justice. If you want to follow me, do it slowly and bring each limb meticulously just like the way the abortionists do to babies.

Muslims Converting Empty European Churches into Mosques


This is another fruit of Vatican II.

It's not so nice to point it out, but YOU HAVE GOT TO FACE FACTS!

The Marketing of Sodomy and Licentiousness to America and our Children

Anti-Defamation League of the B'Nai Brit fully supports the Gay Agenda with legal intimidation and law suits, logistical coordination, political muscles, and funding. Make no mistake about it. It is about subverting the dominant Christian culture of North America, Western Europe, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Russians have more guts. The Mayor of Moscow said NO to gay pride para… More

No punishment for "rebel" nuns in the U.S.

"Their Mothers should have aborted each one of them."

Do you see the irony of this statement? They who support ABORTION should themselves all had been aborted and tossed into garbage cans.

These "nuns" are no longer Catholics. They waste the oxygen that they use up.

What Type of Clergy Get the Highest Salaries?

Israeli Professor Shlomo Sand, PhD., Tel Aviv University, History Department, talks up the ideas of his new book, The Invention of the Jewish People, challenging the underlying logic of the State of Israel as a homeland for the Jewish People.

This lecture was at the New York University. (1 hour 39 minutes)

Thesis: He argues those who claim to be of the Jewish People cannot claim a blood connect… More

Father Michael Rodriguez Update:

It is unfortunate that this has now turned into a pissing match.

El Paso Bishop Armando X. Ochoa files lawsuit against Rev. Michael Rodriguez

signofcontradiction , are you accusing Father of stealing money from the parish where he was previously stationed? First, this is the first time I have heard of this. Secondly, I hope that you are not making such a statement to destroy Father's reputation and credibility.

ADL to Rick Santorum: Keep Emphasis on Religion Out of Campaign

Shulamit Aloni: 'Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it'
A Jewish woman, member of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) clearly told the truth that the word, "anti-semitic" is used to suppress any and all warranted criticism of Jews and Israel. She further went on to say that "it is a trick we always use it".

El Paso Bishop Armando X. Ochoa files lawsuit against Rev. Michael Rodriguez

Father, you ARE a real Priest.
Thank you Lord for a REAL PRIEST saying the REAL MASS.

This is a refreshing change from Sissy Priests saying the Sissy Mass of Martin Luther.

Interview with Sten Sandmark

Catholic Bishop of Sweden told him to go away when he asked to come to become a Catholic.

Sten Sandmark found the TRUE FAITH and the TRUE CHURCH through the Society of Saint Pius X, not the freemasonry modernist satanic Judaic Church called the Novus Ordo.

Novus Ordo - New Order ---> Novus ordo seclorum = satanic, freemason.

When the Post Vatican II Church calls itself "NOVUS ORDO", it is …

Martin Luther - The Pig of Hell!

It is amazing. I am an alumnus of the Valparaiso University, a Missouri Synod Lutheran institution. We had to take several Luther's theology classes as requirement for graduation. They surely did not tell us this in our classes.

What was often discussed was this statement that was made by Martin Luther, "Sin and sin boldly...Be a sinner, and let your sins be strong, but let your trust in Christ … More

Earthquake isn't random

Pat Robertson is a PROTESTANT HERETIC.
Why did anyone post this?

Circus trapezists perform for Pope Benedict XVI in the general audience

Please get a hold of yourself.

NAKED MEN (here)
DANCING GIRLS in SPANDEX (at the Cathedral in Joliet, Illinois)
and the list goes on and on and on.

Priests are men
RomanCandle is obviously a man

Is Catholicism a place to inflame passions for the opposite sex?

Finally, for any GIRLY MEN PRIESTS and faithful, naked men will incite and serve… More

Freedom from Homosexuality

Nice presentation.
My only concern is that this will lead so many gays into Protestant heresies.