St. Justin Martyr & Paschaltide

On the feast of St Justin we look at seeking truth. The love of philosophy. For more please visit & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest
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5 Motives Of The Resurrection

What is so amazing about the resurrection? For more please visit & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest
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Error of Juvenilism

The novel, Lord of the Flies, clearly shows how society degenerates into evil when the young attempt to govern. Yet today our society is idolizing the youth, even giving them a ‘pulpit.’ In this … More
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Filial Piety Needed to Hear the Good Shepherd

True piety begets in our hearts a filial affection for God as our most loving Father, and all those who represent Him. It makes us KNOW, love, reverence and obey the voice of God… “I know Mine, and … More
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Good Shepherd: Tiny The Bummer Lamb

In the parable of the sower there are 4 types of soil. What does our lord say of those where the seed land for each soil type? For more please visit & remember to say 3 Hail … More
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Good Shepherd: Poor Clerics vs Wealthy Pastors

In Brazil the protestant pastors are making millions, & in some cases billions, off the people. How? Why? Why is holy poverty a key thing for true shepherds? For more please visit… More
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Ladies: Thoughts Our Destruction or Our Salvation

Are your thoughts building a castle or a manure pile? It is vital to control the thoughts we have in our most important relationship...the one with our husband!
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Mediatrix Press - The Bellarmine Project

Ryan Grant of Mediatrix Press has been translating the works of St Robert Cardinal Bellarmine for years now & is still translating more. St Bellarmine is the doctor of apologetics and works that are … More
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Font of Mercy: the History of Divine Mercy

Why does the Church establish feasts? Pope Pius XI teaches us this. What is the history of St Faustina & the Divine Mercy devotion? We end with a miracle of Pope St John XXIII. For more please visit … More
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Greater Suffering Greater Love Greater Joy

St. Maximus the Confessor (d. 662), father and doctor of the Church, teaches us in his Life of the Virgin that just as Our Lady shared perfectly in His Majesty’s pain and suffering… in His Passion, … More
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Young Women's Talk on Men

Fr gave a lecture on what do men think at St John XXIII's parish in Ft Collins, CO to a group of young adult women. For more please visit & remember to … More
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This video was removed on YouTube. Satan is really doing his best to stand against God's Holy Church

Women's Submission

What does it men to love your wife as Christ loved the Church? How are we to treat each other? For more please visit & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest
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Our Bodies as Temples

St Vincent Ferrer taught that our bodies are tombs for Our Lord for the Holy Eucharist to come into. Do we act like it? Do we prepare ourselves for that? For more please go to www.reginapropheraru… More
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Undivided Hearts: The Power of Celibacy

Why is the religious life greater than marriage? What should families do to promote vocations? For more please visit & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for … More
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This is out of date interpretation before historical criticism. Paul preferred celibacy over marriage because he thought the end of the world and … More