Enemies Within

by Trevor Loudon. Could your congressman pass an FBI Security Check? “The Enemies Within Series” zooms in on the best-kept secret of modern politics. Almost no one is aware of the fact that fewer … More
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No America was NOT founded on freemason principles. Just because a few were involved. Since when is limited governement, constitutional republic, … More
Ave Crux
@malemp: you happen to be right about the freemasonic principles which founded this country. Here is a link to a heavily-researched book written … More

Famous Jewish Rabbi

Hear the story of one of Israel's most famous Jewish Rabbis
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Great way of sharing with Jewish People. Short and to the point.

What happens when we die?

Do we face judgement?
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I watched this years ago, I like their testimony, but still there's things missing
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Kenneth Hagins Near Death Experience

An amazing story of a young man named Kenneth, who thought he was a saved Christian, until he had a Near Death Experience that forever changed his life.
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