Robert Siscoe answers NovusordoWatch and Steven Speray

Answering a Sedevacantist Critic By Robert Siscoe (NOTE: This was written in response to an article by Steven Speray that was posted on Novus Ordo Watch. After Mr. Speray read the following refutatio…

Can We Recognize and Resist?

Can We Recognize and Resist? By Robert J. Siscoe…/da9f34183725cf1… “Our ultimate purpose is that of Voltaire and the French Revolution: that is, the total annihilation of Catholicis…

Robert Siscoe responds to Fr. Cekada

Robert Siscoe and John of St. Thomas Respond to Fr. Cekada (From September 2014 issue of Catholic Family News) By Robert J. Siscoe Fr. Cekada posted a response on his website to my April, 2014 articl…
Excellent! Thanks for posting this. May God be praised in His faithful servants. More