Medjugorje is FAKE!!!!

I'm no proponent of Medjugorje but perhaps God allows this doubt to enter the minds of the "clever" who like to think there way out of an argument. Just like the silly explanation of Jesus multiplication of the bread as just "sharing". Perhaps it is the same as the Carbon 14 test of the Shroud. Again, I am not knowledgeable enough to argue one way or the other about Mdjugorie, but I smell quasi … More

The Vortex—Why Official Catholic Media Can’t Be Trusted

It seems to me Michael Voris is telling the truth. God please help people who report the truth.

Chemtrails w RT

I go outside on a cold day and see my breath. I go outside on a not so very cold day but near smoke and i can see my breath. That is the simple answer to this garbage.

Our sky is not what you think it is

When you started zooming in on the stop sign it was so small it looked like a speck. So 83 times zoom makes a speck look pretty big. The sun however was not a spec to start with, so 83 times zoom and it looks bigger than the stop sign. I think you are mistaken.

A walk through Walsingham with Joseph Pearce

Thanks!! Walsingham is very special to me.
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just how long of a vacation do we have to live with? Get back to work.
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Does anyone know what happened to Irapauto? Please respond.
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Cardinal Cocco's church fell down today

Just a feeling nothing more, but this does not seem like a coincidence given the events of recent days. How often does a roof collapse for no apparent reason, but at Coco's church? Maybe the stones do shout.

This new “church” in Bavaria cost $17.5 million

It will make an excellent factory or large truck repair shop someday. German engineering, it will last forever.

Jordan Peterson- Dangerous people are teaching your kids

Please pray for that Dr. Peterson will fully embrace the Catholic church. He seems to be getting closer all the time. God seems to be inspiring Dr. Peterson in so many great ways. God Bless you doctor.

The Garden Tomb and Golgotha in Jerusalem.

Protestants can't stand that ancient Christianity actually determined the location of Calvary and Christs tomb, i.e. the Tomb of the Holy sepulchre So they go through great lenghts to discredit it. This video is a summary of Protestant lies. They don't even understand the Atonement, and try to preach that Jesus was punished for our sins. It's very far away from the truth. Christ's voluntary … More

Nave of the Sweetest Heart of Mary

More and more of churches like this. Less and less of stadiums, secular monuments, shopping malls

Sep 06 – Homily – Fr Elias: Christians, Light to the Nations

Fr. Elias may be a living saint. I have spoken to him several times. He has an amazing ability to not personally judge anyone but wants the salvation for all. Here is is a man who lives a life of prayer, but he holds nothing back to those who live the opposite. I find him a great man. May God love him always.

Cardinal Robert Sarah - SILENCE

Thanks Santiago74 for this great video
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Cuomo presses GOP lawmaker on 'immaculate conception' claim

Oh the pro abortion pro gay pro everything bad, but some how still "good" Catholic Cuomo is such a great guy. Not.
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