Irish Archbishop: Homosexual Couples Welcome At "World Meeting of Families"

Homosexual couples are welcome into hell too, but it does not mean we want them there.

Later John Paul I Was In Favour Of Birth Control Pill

It should be remembered how long he was allowed to be pope.

Abortion: Growing, growing...

How Ireland looked before its loss of faith.
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Swedish Cardinal “Very Sad” About Parties Blocking Mass Immigration

This is Sweden? Perhaps the good cardinal ought to worry about his lack of a flock.

Francis on Corpus Christi - Not Bowing His Knee

He kneels before men but not before God. Something very wrong.
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Pro-Abortion Mantra: Archbishop Martin Calls For "Safe, Rare and Legal" Abortion

He was taken out of context, I'm sure; of course he meant safe for the child. Perhaps the church should use some of the collecting basket to buy its priests brains.

Pope Paul VI to be canonized on October 14th - Vatican News

I like a joke as well as anyone, but this is too much.
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Dutch Bishops: "No Time" For Francis

I think this is odd. The Dutch bishops are liberal.

"Conservative" Cardinal Favours Communion for Protestants

I would say to him that he needed to convert to the true church to save his soul.

Three Times Pope Francis warned about Hell

I don't see an orthodox understand of hell in any of the above.

Catholic Church in Shanghai Surveilled by Huge Camera

Nothing says wisdom like Francis giving the Chinese Catholic Church to the thought police.