Pagan Ceremony?

What is this nonsense?
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Francis Mouthpiece, "The Pope Draws Energy From Conflict"

Francis must be careful that he does not draw energy from Satan.

Pro-Gay Cardinal Farrell Displays His Gay-Connections at World Meeting of Families

Ray Dever's boy thinks he is a girl and Ray appears to not care. Dever is active in New Ways Ministry, an organization condemned by the church.

Seminary under McCarrick rife with secrecy, fear, ex-priest recalls

It's never a good idea to link to the National [un]Catholic Reporter.
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We will never, never FORGET !!

Oddly, nothing is said about whether the boy was guilty or not.

Gloria Global am 16. Juli 2018

I wish there was an English translation.

No Joke: They Want to Turn Arrupe Into a "Saint"

Only in the era of Francis could this happen.
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Decadent Vatican Wants to "learn" from Decadent Anglicans

We really ought not copy heretics. The one true church is the one true church. Anglicans must reenter the Catholic Church.

Irish Archbishop: Homosexual Couples Welcome At "World Meeting of Families"

Homosexual couples are welcome into hell too, but it does not mean we want them there.