Cardinal Tobin Wants Women Cardinals

One can only hope that this spiritual illiterate will learn how to be silent.

German Catholic archdiocese promotes fornication, abortion, to 15-year-old girls

This is insane! We had better inform the pope that this is going on. Oh, that won't work....

Colombia, Francis Does Not Kneel In Front Of His Master

He doesn't genuflect when saying mass, either. Something is very wrong.

Abp. Charles Chaput condemns racial violence in Charlottesville, Virginia

Where was Chaput's statement against the much larger and more widespread and violent actions of Black Lives Matter?

Bishop Attacks A Straw Man

"Prophets of doom" is an expression of disdain used by Pope John XXIII toward those who suggested that the council he had in mind might be a mistake. We know now how far Vatican II went in dismantling the Catholic faith. Prophets of doom have shown themselves to be prophets of reality.
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German Bishop: Homosexuality is Not a Sin

Nothing to worry about, Kohlgraf's nomination must be approved by Pope Francis... oh?
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Dominikanie - Lady Gaga (cover "Bad Romance")

The church needs this like it needs a hole in the head.

"Catholic" School: Boys can choose to wear skirts.

An insane primary school. Just what the church needs.

Jesuit Encourages Friends To Celebrate Sin

This smirking homosexual could only gain advancement in the Church of Francis. Sickness has entered the heart of the church.