“The Majority Of Cardinals Consider Francis Pontificate A Failure”

The current Vatican regime will damage the Catholic Church, writes Russell Ronald Reno, editor of (January 10).

Reno describes Francis as lax, ruthless, cold, cunning and quick to denounce, “He governs with gestures, slogans, and sentiments.”

Already before, Jorge Bergoglio wrecked institutions he was in charge of by sowing division, Reno adds. An example is the Jesuit province in Argentina.

Reno thinks that Francis will "cut deals with the secular West" similar to his power-sharing agreement with the Chinese Communists, “Francis pontificate is turning Catholicism into a chaplaincy for the elite interests in the emerging global world order”.

For Reno Francis' pontificate is “a failure”. He believes that the majority of the cardinals and other important churchmen are increasingly aware of this.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsKkkgpsmlpd
... "increasingly aware of this" ... it took all 6 years to finally make the cardinals plugged into that realization .. !!! wow !!
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Beloved of atheists, a hater of Catholics.
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Not only them
Vast majority of all bishops are failures.
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But most of Cardinals when they are in front of him are all smiles ,and kisses
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alex j
High office and perks along with not 'rocking the boat' will ensure 'happy faces' for the cameras.
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I cannot find this article of Russell Ronals Reno on Can anyone give a link?
Use his name and a partial quote to find the source.