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Francis Praises Wrong Translation Of Our Father

Pope Francis has approved a wrong French translation of the Our Father which says “and let us not enter into temptation” and since December 3 is used in most French speaking dioceses around the …
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San Atanasio ora pro nobis mentioned this post in Francis Changes Catechism - Believes That The Church Was Wrong Until He Came.
My understanting of "lead us not into temptation "is .we are asking God the Father who is all powerfull ,to stop the temptation even to come to us ,because we are weak
England’s Deacon Nick Donnelly on Twitter (about Amoris): „Has Francis deposed himself as the successor of St Peter by attempting to make the heretical interpretation of AL Authentic Magisterium?”
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I have to say, I've always had difficulty understanding "lead us not into temptation".