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Francis, “I Don’t Go To The Doctor But To The Witch”

During Pope Francis' flight to Chile on January 15, Cristiana Caricato of the Italian Bishops' TV 2000 asked Francis, what medicines he takes to keep fit during his travels.

He replied, “I don't go to the doctor, I go to the witch.”

Franca Giansoldati of Il Messaggero asked him if he is afraid of journalists and their questions.
Francis answered, "Yes, I am afraid of interviews... you can see what I need to do."

Picture: © mazur,, CC BY-SA, #newsZfdutcvulh
Ivan Tomas anybody whose intellect and soul is satanized will fall into different traps. I.e. theological, philosophical, sociological and medicinal. One of great theologians from Poland, Fr. Prof Guz, refuting protestantism explained after the first Synod on the Family in refernce to Kasperians. He concluded that such heretical concepts undermining the family could only be presented by … More
Ivan Tomas
"Is Pope Francis undergoing treatment with New Age alternative therapies"…/is-pope-francis…
Well, yes for example you asked him how he stays fit?? What kind of an answer is "I go to the Witch" it is inappropriate and it leads you to question, if the Pope does not want to speak then don't because it is obvious that he could care less what he says and who reacts.
On our first trip to Korea (2013) my husband had ear problems from the long flight so he went to a pharmacy in Seoul to buy some ear candles. The pharmacist said they don't sell them and he would need to go see a witch doctor. So what we call holistic medicine here in the West, they call witch or witch doctor.
Sunamis 46
There is a funny song about a witch Doctor Where helps a men to know what to say to a girl
I think it must have been popular in the 1950
Sunamis 46
That is a bad joke
Is it still a joke if something like that really happened (it did)?
Ha HA HA very funny
Oh, there goes Francis again with his comedy routine, (maybe.) HAHAHA. So very fitting for the Vicar of Christ.
@De Profundus, I guess attempted humor is his latest effort at the new evangelization?
De Profundis
@Jungerheld He wanted to be funny...
Uncle Joe
What on earth did he mean, "I go to the witch"?