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Bergoglio Journalists Use Viganò Family Dispute In Order to Sidetrack From Scandals

The Vatican court journalist Andrea Tornielli has again rehashed a dispute between Whistle-blower Archbishop Carlo Maria and his brother, Father Lorenzo Viganò.

Tornielli's goal is to detract the whistle-blower and to sidetrack from Viganó's witness that Pope Francis is personally involved in hushing up homosexual abuses.

The Viganò dispute, involving a conspicuous family inheritance of estimated 26 million euros, was resolved in October by a Milan court. Archbishop Viganò, who has received 3,6 Million euros in payments from the family properties, has to pay half of that, 1.8 Million euros, to his brother Lorenzo.

Tornielli points out again that Viganò tried to avoid his appointment as Washington Nuncio in 2011 with the argument that he had to take care of his brother although the conflict between the two was already ongoing at the time.

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Tornielli est une tête fêlée qui ne pense qu'à courtiser l'Antéchrist.
alex j
You! Rosica, have never celebrated a mass in your life. No doubt you have presided at a table, but a Mass it is not, for you don't even believe in what Christ taught. Your pathetic attempt to smear a prelate, is just that, pathetic! Smirk as much as you like Rossica with the rest of the cabal that Francis has surrounded himself with. Pharisee's all!
What an idiot Tornielli is, trying a smear campaign to silence Arch Vigino. Makes me sick to think that one can scoop so low to protect sodomites like McCarrick within the Church. The Jorge Bergolio's homo club is having a field day, dribbling over Tornielli pathetic attempt to silence Arch Vigino. Rosica is overwhelmed with so much joy that he tweets away asking, how can Vigino celebrate mass, … More
In his new book Tornielli indeed walks back from his earlier claims, now stating there indeed was a written communications detailed the sanctions in the form of a letter. But Tornielli is whispering this fact.
De Profundis
Roberto de Mattei: Tornielli does not deny Vigano's claim that Francis knew about McCarrick, nor the existence of a "gay lobby" in the Church. He cannot refute Vigano, but he wishes to defend Pope Francis.