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Faithful Protest Outside Vatican Nunciature, “Give Us Cardinal Burke”

American Catholics, including the victims of homosexual abuses, will be demonstrating on November 12 in front of the Apostolic Nunciature in Washington D.C. holding up banners with the text, "Give Us Cardinal Burke" asking Pope Francis to appoint Cardinal Raymond Burke as the next Washington Archbishop.

Cardinal Burke has a long pastoral experience as a bishop and is able to bring about in Washington D.C. a true Catholic reform.

Yes....Most Holy Trinity, if it is your will: Please give us Cardinal Burke for Washington, D.C.
@GTVisrockin Because of satanic modernist bishops, who follows personal success and pleasures, and pretend to be good pastors to be exalted by people; but they don’t like people, and hate the true doctrine.

They are the God of themselves...but they don’t remember they ought to be servants of God, and of everyone!

Card. Burke is one of the few true Princes of the Church.
TommasoG 9 hours ago America needs a new Fulton Sheen.

He wouldn't last a day, He will be falsely accused by some fruit cake, the bishops will set him up and destroy him!
IF i was Cardinal Burke i would not accept such appointment from pope francis
America needs a new Fulton Sheen.