Life after lesbianism

Life after lesbianism

In January, I wrote about my struggles with same-sex attraction (SSA), while living out my vocation as a Catholic wife and mother.

I wrote the article anonymously and considering the vitriol of the comments that followed, I’m glad I did.

There seemed to be three main objections to my testimony:

1. I’m not a “real” lesbian so I shouldn’t be calling myself one;

2. I’m living a false, inauthentic life that’s unfair to my husband and children and that’s bound to self-destruct; and

3. I’m harming people who struggle with SSA by suggesting they can overcome their sexual orientation.

But even if detractors couldn’t agree on what to call me, they at least agreed I’m a fraud. The people willing to let me call myself a lesbian insisted I was just stifling my “real” self, which would inevitably emerge when I encountered “the next Nora.”

Though we live in a culture that celebrates girl-on-girl pornography and threesomes, my poor husband is an object of pity because I’m attracted to women.

No one wanted to consider what kind of amazing man it would take to inspire such loyalty in a woman.


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Veritas und Liebe
Way to go sister. Don't let those sad people try to discourage you with their guilt. God has placed this before you and always remember you are a daughter of God. Thank you for your comments and example. You must have found a real man, congratulations! I wish you two peace.