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Francis: Jesus’ Authority Comes From "Tenderness"

Pope Francis claimed in his September 18 homily that Christ’s authority came from his compassion expressed in meekness, tenderness, and closeness to the people.

According to Francis concluded that this gave Jesus authority to “spent most of his time on the road”, touching, embracing and listening to people.

In reality, Jesus’ authority originated in his being the Almighty God from God. Those who read the Gospel know that he was not particularly "tender" but direct and without compromise when he preached the Truth. For this reason he was crucified.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsXjpetyeipp
I'm sure you know REALLY Mr "Pope" but Jesus's real personality was completely at odds to your own. When He SPOKE (a truer Gospel than YOU are willing to preach) vast crowds flocked to listen to it, knowing full well that what He said - IS TRUE!

Your views of Christians are hippy-fied. You flee the company of the worthy Prelates feeling unworthy. The evil prelates are carnal and predatory yet … More
alex j
Clearly Francis does not know scripture. Christ spent most of life subjected to his parents.
Stonka Ziemniaczana
I believe according to the papal ghostwriter Jesus authority comes from deep kissing.…

How disgusting are these fags.
Silly me, I thought it came from the fact that he was God.
Jesus' openess