Archbishop: Homosexuality Is “Vice” and “New Colonialism”

During his induction as Mwanza archbishop, Tanzania, Monsignor Renatus Nkwande, 53, said that homosexuality and abortion are a kind of new colonialism.

According to (May 12) he called upon Tanzanians to reject witchcraft, homosexuality and abortion.

"Africans are fond of imitating others," Nkwande notice, "Homosexuality and abortion were popularized and some of us have imitated this.”

But, “When our forefathers became tired of colonialism they fought against it. It is time we do the same, fighting against these vices.”

Nkwande was appointed on February 11 by Pope Francis.

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Well said!
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Rarely would a Francis appointee preach against perversion. In fact, quite a few seem to light in the loafers themselves.