Loci Lenar

The Story of Mr. Loci B. Lenar and His Fatima Related Mission

The following is an excerpt from the book:

by Claire Smith

After beholding two astounding sights in the sky, and receiving a vision of the future world blessed in peace, New Jersey resident Loci B. Lenar made his choice – he would travel the road on the right, the narrow path leading to grace and salvation. The road on the left would lead only to chaos, Jesus had warned him in a dream. Thirty years later, the devout Catholic continues to dedicate his life to sharing his faith and carrying out a personal mission connected to the ushering in the future Era of Peace that was promised by Our Lady of Fátima in 1917.

Today, Lenar’s ministries include his popular website ( – featuring news on miracles, saints and other faith topics – and his photographs of sacred art. Many of his photos are visually stunning; others are truly miraculous.

(The publication includes photographs and prayers composed by Mr. Lenar.)

Available in paperback, the book is written by Claire Smith a Catholic author whose works include Forty Catholics who Shaped the World in Which we Live, The Great Catholic Trivia Challenge, Can I Confess by E-Mail?, Catholicism - Now I get It!, and approximately one thousand newspaper articles.

The Story of Mr. Loci B. Lenar is available on…/1983665290
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