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Homosexual Abuses: Church Will Only Pay If Everybody Pays

The Australian Catholic Church estimates it will be liable for one billion Dollars in compensation to minors abused by homosexuals, as part of a redress scheme of the Federal Government.

But unless everyone signs on, the Churches could be sued in multiple jurisdictions despite having already paid compensation. Therefore, the Catholic Church will only join the scheme if there will be a nationwide buy-in.

According to the overwhelming majority of victims suffered abuses in state government or non-church institutions.

Picture: © vagawi, flickr, CC BY, #newsPogsotqwsa
Yet, no one makes the public schools pay for the pedophiles and pedorasts they harbor
Another billion paid by Catholic people to settle heinous crimes against innocent children. Imagine this money going instead to good Catholic causes. I'm afraid that many, many priest and bishops will eternally regret their great mortal sins against the innocent ones of Christ.
Jim Dorchak
"Buy In'" or "Sell Out" ?