Bishop-Elect Faced With Witch-Hunt Capitulates

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Santiago de Chile auxiliary bishop-elect Carlos Eugenio Irarrázaval, 53.

Irarrázaval was appointed only on May 22. He suffered a witch-hunt organized by the oligarch media for the following sufficiently truthful statements:

“Jewish culture is a male dominated culture to this day. If you see a Jew walking down the street, the woman goes ten steps behind. But Jesus Christ breaks with that pattern. Christ converses with women, converses with the adulteress, with the Samaritan woman. Jesus Christ let women care for him.”

In his first interview on May 23 Irarrázaval said about sexual abuses that it is time to look forward "because stirring up a warmed-up rice is useless."

On May 28 Irarrázaval expressed his “apologies” to the “Jewish community” for is truthful statements.

The apologies “were received in a spirit of fraternity by the Jewish religious authorities,” a statement from Santiago Archdiocese said.

I have found that Women mistreat women best!
That comment is at least as equally suited to Muslims. Pretty much all Muslims rather than a minority. I’ve never seen this myself personally but am willing to accept that the statement is true, but it’s muslims who really mistreat women.
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It is like the Catholic-jewish dialog in general: they tell us what's acceptable as our Faith, including New Testament Scriptures. But I don't think jews nocked him down for that reason, but for saying what needs to be said regarding the abuses. That's why jews nocked this man down