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Francis is Ireland’s Favourite World Leader

Pope Francis is the most popular world leader among Irish people according to an international opinion poll published on December 29 by the Worldwide Independent Network. 78 per cent of the Irish identify as Catholics.

Francis was viewed favourably by 70 per cent of the Irish respondents and unfavourably by 21 per cent. Mr Trump polls an 82 per cent unfavourable rating.

At the same time, the Irish Church is in a deep crisis. Its downfall has accelerated during the pontificate of Pope Francis.

Picture: © George Martell, Pilot New Media, CC BY-ND, #newsFxfxybwswd
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mccallansteve The popularity of the Pope is neither a measure of a people's orthodoxy nor of their heterodoxy. Most Catholics in Ireland get their knowledge of the Catholic world from the mass media (RTE, BBC, Channel 4 etc) and not from the Catholic papers (Irish Catholic, The Family, Alive, etc) which are very small. So they don't know much about the controversies in the Church becuase they … More
What more proof do we need than this that the Irish have lost the faith? Their forefathers risked their lives under British tyranny to keep the faith but under liberty, their progeny treat it with contempt. Bring back the British!
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