Accused Opus Dei Father McCloskey suffers from Alzheimer, can no longer celebrate Mass, even privately

Statement by Msgr. Thomas Bohlin (picture), January 7, 2019

Msgr. Bohlin, Vicar of Opus Dei in the United States, provides information about the situation of Fr. C. John McCloskey.

I have some sad news to share concerning an Opus Dei priest, Father C. John McCloskey.

In November 2002, the Prelature received word of a complaint from an adult woman of sexual misconduct by Father C. John McCloskey, who at the time was serving as director of the Catholic Information Center (CIC) in Washington D.C. Almost immediately we directed him to give spiritual direction to women only in a traditional confessional (the norm for Opus Dei priests) and to end his contact with the woman in question. After investigating the complaint in subsequent months, we found the complaint to be credible, and in December 2003, Father McCloskey was removed from his position at the CIC.

What happened was deeply painful for the woman, and we are very sorry for all she suffered. A settlement was reached with her in 2005. She has remained in contact with our activities.

In the years since Father McCloskey’s removal from the CIC, his priestly activities with women have been very limited because of the restrictions we placed as well as his declining health. He had very few assignments in our activities for women (Opus Dei 's activities are separate for men and for women) and his contact with individual women was limited to the confessional. Throughout the years, we were careful to ensure that he would not have any opportunities to engage in the kind of actions that led to the complaint.

As regards Father McCloskey’s time before being at the CIC as well as afterwards, we have not received any complaints for sexual misconduct.

Father McCloskey currently suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s. He is largely incapacitated and needs assistance for routine daily tasks. He has not had any pastoral assignments for a number of years and is no longer able to celebrate Mass, even privately.

Very recently, we have become aware of another woman who may have also suffered from Father McCloskey’s actions at the CIC. We are in the process of trying to reach out to her. We will do the same with anyone else we become aware of and welcome any information in this regard. Our number for receiving reports of abuse is 646-742-2741.
All harassment and abuse are abhorrent. I am very sorry for any suffering caused to any woman by Father McCloskey’s actions and pray that God may bring healing to her. I would also ask you to pray for Father McCloskey as his health continues to decline.

I am painfully aware of all that the Church is suffering, and I am very sorry that we in Opus Dei have added to it. Let us ask God to show mercy on all of us in the Church at this difficult time.
No person is perfect. Those who are can throw the first stone. We are tempted daily, especially priests, by satan. Pray for priests!! Especially the good and holy ones. At least this priest was not a homo groping at a male crotch..
Praying for anyone who was affected by this Fr McCloskey's actions, (while wondering if his actions were brought on by frontal lobe damage caused by the disease and affecting his personality?) and will certainly pray as requested for Father himself as he declines further, confident that God will look kindly on his priestly service which has otherwise borne good fruit.