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Bavaria Honors The Cross – [Former] Catholic Church Condemns The Move

The Bavarian government decreed that from June on every public administration building must display a cross. The decision was followed by furious reactions from the oligarch media.

Among the sharpest critics are the pro-gay Würzburg university chaplain Fr Burkhard Hose and Bochum professor of Catholic dogmatics, the layman Georg Essen.

The German bishops’ webpage (April 25) calls on the state to be “secular” and “neutral” [but strongly defends State sponsored Church tax].

In October 2016, Cardinal Marx of Munich, Bavaria, removed his pectoral cross when visiting the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem out of “respect” for the Islamic hosts.

Picture: Markus Söder / Reinhard Marx, #newsKnjfsqkxmu
The name "Reinhard" apparently means "Fox" What a coincidence.

"Woe to that man by whom the Son of man shall be betrayed: it were better for him, if that man had not been born."
[Matthew 26:24]

"Preach the word: be instant in season, out of season: reprove, entreat, rebuke in all patience and doctrine."
[2 Timothy 4:2]

The Lord Jesus Christ is the King of the entire universe . It is HE befor… More mentioned this post in Anti-Church Cardinal Marx Fights Against Crucifix.
God bless the Bavarian Government. What strong men and women they must be. As Our Lady has said, the Church will survive by the faithful laypeople. Already we see this all around the world. It must be nerve wracking for the hierarchy - if and when they allow themselves to think for a moment, what their prospects are when they die. Those renegade Cardinals sound like left over Nazis. How many … More
Maybe if the Bavarian government displayed the cross upside down, the apostate Catholics and media would applaud.
Joseph a' Christian
@CarolineA03 Excellent statement Caroline, i pray, Almighty God bless you, for your loyalty to our Jesus.
Cardinal Marx? You really don't know Whom you are revolting against

It's so easy - if you don't pronounce, that Christ (God) is far more worthy than those you seek to impress, then you really should claim no longer to be Catholic.

When all is said and done, It is Christ whom you claim to serve, and if you neglect Him and pander to the false pseudo faiths of others - when He returns to claim … More